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Created : 16 August 2019

Sprite Study - Outline and shading and lighting

I was inspired by a twitch streamers work where he was working(recreating) on some sonic sprites. I noticed the outlines were based on the inside colors of the sprite but darker. Giving the sprites a softer apearance. And on the inside edges of these dark and inside colors there were pixel placed that were a shade higher. I think this is called shading? I started trying this myself.

Also watching how they light up the higher area's of the shapes was something I started trying myself.

The sprites here I have done in the last evening and this night.

ps - I hope my flood of sprites posts do not cause annoyance.. I am quite the busy bee..



Saturday, 17 August 2019, 11:57
I don't think anyone would or should be annoyed by posts related to games/creation or coding on a site related to just that!

Flood away, I love seeing other people's work and work-in-progress.

BTW - One of my games I outlined all sprites in a dark blue/grey colour, rather than black and that was pretty effective. I also did a game where I outlined the sprites in black and then white, which made them really pop.
Saturday, 17 August 2019, 12:08
Yeah, there are quite a number of outline styles. To bad I have not been able to learn jargon to describe them. I have my google docs open to write down notes on pixelart when I learn or hear new things.

I also just learned how to use the color replace brush. That wil allow me to experiment faster with outlines. Also just when a twitch streamer explained how to use the mirror drawing method in a grid the stream errored

I was planning on creating more sprites per image just in case I was creating to many posts. Today I spend mostly watching twitch pixelart streamers working away so I made nothing yet. I was thinking of opening up aseprite next.