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Created : 26 October 2019
Edited : 02 November 2019

Working on a asteroids style mining game

Play Emscripten (reload for latest version)

After getting help here with some math related things. I started on that mining space game I wanted to create yesterday.

I am at 600+ lines right now and I am not sure of what to add next. I am using my sprite editor to create the gfx.

I created a quick cave like map generator which works by creating a list of points then tunneling then together. I added a quick ore placement routine. Right now with the space bar you blast the tiles and if they contain ore it drops a ore icon that can be picked up. All of the rocks are destructable. There is no collision with the rocks yet so imagine being bumped and damaged if you fly into them.

I was thinking of what to add. Maybe a base where you could sell the ore and buy fuel and upgrades. Maybe also some enemies like monsters and turrets. My mind totally would dig it if I would add a mode where you could exit the ship and enter a pirate base as a person and blast them pirates into dust and gather loot.

So far this is what I have right now

see emscripten link for playable version (cursor keys and space - reload page for possible update)



Saturday, 26 October 2019, 13:54
It's "working", but I think the thrust's power is a little too high.
I can spin round 180 degrees, hit thrust, and instantly be going in that direction.
It feels like it oughta be a little more subtle than that.

Other than that.. yeah.. I can see this working as a game!
Saturday, 26 October 2019, 14:06
lots of tweaking needed. When I add a shop I might have different ship parts be editable.(trust and turnspeed)
Saturday, 26 October 2019, 14:42
Sounds good!

This is already turning into Elite2D!
Monday, 28 October 2019, 02:08
I am not sure if I should let every tile drop something. It does happen in minecraft.

Also I had been thinking about a interface for the player where I might put a teleporter trader to directly sell and buy anything.

View on YouTube
Monday, 28 October 2019, 15:14
Wow. Today there were 2 power outages. 17000 homes without electricity. I have a laptop

I spend the whole day working on the game. I created new gfx and spend a long time finding a bug with the wall collision. A case of using variables in the wrong way. Now though you can die and respawn. Homing missiles can now also kill you and they can also fly into walls. A explosion effect was also added and a couple of new pickups(electronics and scrap metal)
The player inventory is getting there also.

The link in the post here has the latest version. Reload the cache to play it. No joystick controls yet. I need to check the commands for that.
Monday, 28 October 2019, 20:21
This is pretty damn good, acceleration is a bit savage though.
Wednesday, 30 October 2019, 03:51
I am at the fourth day now. The inventory now adds pickups. Last night I started creating the area outside the planetoid. There now is a space station where there wil be interaction with the player.

I added a couple of instructions to the screens. I - inventory, w - map. The space station is not in the emscripten version yet but the inventory and map screen is. The map screen is full screen and shows threats and player location.

Today I can work on it in the evening. I am looking at what kind of tiles or stars? I should add outside the planetoid.

The spaceships movement is something that needs work. I was also told that I probably should look into subpixel/smooth scrolling for these kind of games.
Saturday, 02 November 2019, 08:38
I did a little bit of work on it yesterday. I added stars at the outside of the planetoid. They move against the ships direction to see where you are going. You now also start at the space station. The 'm' key is used to go to the map screen where you can see where to go.

A old bug in Monkey2 was where you create new images and they are corrupted sometimes showing pixels that should not be there. I remembered that you should clear the newly created image to fix this. I had to do this with every image.

I am kind of burned out right now and not sure where to take it.

Oh, there is no map bounds checking so if you travel to the edge of the map the game wil stop working.