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Created : 27 November 2019
Edited : 27 November 2019

Next attempt at tiny portraits

I was searching for examples of art and found a really nice portraits reference by Dan Malone (Bitmap Brothers) I now also figured out how to put 2nd image inside aseprite itself for reference.

The first heads I did were rather bad and difficult(newb) but I have been getting a little bit more familiar with how to do it. When I looked for more examples I found a portrait of a african man and these turned out a little bit better. The coloring was simpler with that one. Then I went back to the dan malone references and got more comfortable. I think the one that looks like 'Spock' was the first that I was actually happy with.

There are some things like modyfing the colors that I also could do but I want to keep the dawnbringer palette intact. I have watched video's where they show you that you can tweak the colors during the drawing process to get a better look.

I really want to spend time today making another series of faces. Not sure if that will happen. I have been sitting behind the laptop for a couple of hours yet and have not done anything yet!



Wednesday, 27 November 2019, 04:26
Oooh these are lovely! I really like how we can see your design process with the blank face shapes first.
Wednesday, 27 November 2019, 07:39
Awesome pixels!
Wednesday, 27 November 2019, 08:32
I am stil trying out how to get a good step by step process. I put these in the final image for others to learn from and myself to remember how I did it.

I noticed that when I look at the image with my phone the image looks totally different. The white pixels really stand out and do not look good I think. I might have to start and modify the colors intensity for this. On the ipad and laptop it looks better.