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Created : 17 May 2021


About 30 or so years ago, Mum bought some lovely cutlery for the house.
Over the years, knives have been bent as makeshift screwdrivers, spoons have been snapped in half trying to dig far-too-cold ice cream out of the tub, and forks have just plain vanished...

As much as Mum has tried to replace the cutlery, nothing seems to match the perfect size and shape of these classics, and we've been generally unhappy with any number of cutlery replacements since.

We're now down to 2 of the "good forks". Since there's only two of us, it's not "too" big of a deal, but if we're having a lunch, we have to resort to the crappy Russell Hobbs forks, and leave the good forks for tea.
It's getting rather silly, and the two of us are constantly making fun of our obscure predicament. "Not the good fork!!" we'd joke, on a daily basis.

So, I grabbed a fork, and hunted for the original company. Oneida branding, and luckily they're available on Amazon.
I trawled through the multiple variations in style, but .. lordy, they're expensive.. I mean, some of them are dirt cheap (and look it!!) but anything half decent bumped the price up to insane levels.

I eventually found a set for a semi-decent price. £41.. Amazon UK, but they get dispatched and sent from Amazon US.

Took about a week to get here, which wasn't bad. The Order Status still claims it's "on its way, due Friday" so maybe I'll get twice the cutlery!?!

So.. Yeah, we now have more than two good forks.

left = old, right = new



Monday, 17 May 2021, 07:35
Half year ago I bought a set for my mother. I did not want those cheap ones and got this full set which cost 160 euro's or so. And cooking pots for about that same price.

Those things do have a solid premium feel to them. I do not expect anything to come loose or bend anytime soon. They clean easily and have been keeping their new look for this period stil.