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Welcome to Socoder

Socoder is a community of coders, who sit in a quiet corner of the internet, chatting endlessly about random nonsense.
Occasionally we code, too.

If you'd like to join in with the chatter, feel free to register.

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The Need For Friction

30th March 2022

Uploaded to Itch IO and ready to download. [url=https://steve-ancell.itch.io/the-need-for-friction]Linkage![/url]


Petri Dish

2nd October 2021

Hi all!

I made a simple little 'Brownian Motion' generator. It started out as a simple code snippet that just grew into a full blown app (feature creep).

You can generate plots, save and load plots as data files, save a .bmp of the plot, and *snip*


POCA (reboot)

26th December 2020

Remove all arrows without geting hit


Greenie's Heroic Adventure

7th October 2020

Find the Disks, and rescue them from dampness.


Monitor Menu

18th May 2020

Monitor Menu is a simulation of an old CRT computer monitor settings menu


Kitty - Console based Code Viewer

21st April 2020

Kitty is a console based code viewer, with syntax highlight. The name is a pun on the Unix tool ''cat''.

The screenshot was demonstrated in PowerShell, but that's merely because I prefer PowerShell above cmd, as it should work in cmd as well*snip*