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Wed, 20 Feb 2008, 12:06
Hiya all,

I got GP2X today and I got some games in the memory cards are

Super Mairo World
Super Mairo Karts

Super Hang on
Street of Rages
Sonic the headhogs

and there more.

The joystick is very responding and the game is playable.
I am please with the GP2X Console.

Now I going to download the amiga and mame Eumaltor.

Games I going put in are

Street of Rage 2
Final Fight

Mostly Snes, megadrive and Neo geo games.

Wed, 20 Feb 2008, 12:42
power mousey

what about developing your own games and applications?

what about the GP2X SDK?
Wed, 20 Feb 2008, 16:30
I've been developing a game for the GP2X for a couple of months now, for the GLBasic competition.

It's a great little machine, that I wouldn't be without now.

Which machine did you get Hotshot? - F100 (black) or the F200 (white, with touchscreen). I'm presuming F100 as you stated joystick (the F200 has a D-Pad).
Wed, 20 Feb 2008, 18:17
I bought the black one (F100).

I could developing in allergo cos I know about allergo programming language.

For now, I going to do some searching for more games for my GP2X Console.
Thu, 21 Feb 2008, 09:49
im thinking of getting the f200 but its a bit pricy. touch screen in it aswell. how much did you pay for the f100?


Thu, 21 Feb 2008, 09:54
I bought it for £52 on ebay on auction bidding when the time went down to Zero.

I am please to say that Sensible soccer work very well on F100
Thu, 21 Feb 2008, 12:20
power mousey

Sensible soccer

whats a little but harder...from a sport standpoint...is water polo. You have to keep treading water and ready to swim at a moment's notice.
anyway, I like rhis Sensible Soccer.
Fri, 22 Feb 2008, 12:14
The batteries does run down quickly!

I going put Doom in it
Fri, 22 Feb 2008, 13:36
power mousey

yeah, I read something about that. Might as well as get some rechargeable batteries.
of course, you have an AC adapter or power cord for it too?

I also heard that the device might hang if the USB cable is plugged out. I don't know if that is true.
Sat, 23 Feb 2008, 12:15
Yeah GP2X does eat through batteries, but good rechargables are quite cheap. You can get a power supply from Argos or Tesco for £7.00. Make sure you get the right one and that it's set correctly.
Sun, 24 Feb 2008, 01:19
power mousey

my times and days with consoles are gone. I did buy an Atari 2600 and all these game cartridges. But it all started with Pong...not the arcade game machine that Nolan Bushnell put out. But the home version of the arcade game.

and my two favorite home computers are the C64 and the Apple IIe.

now, its just games and gaming on the PC.
sorry, but no more games nor development on consoles for me.