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Socoder -> On Topic -> I found this earlier today.

Sun, 03 Aug 2008, 08:33
I'm not sure if this would be of any use to anybody...

It's some kind of Java IDE, which seems to claim to make it easier to learn Java. From what I've seen so far, it's basically Java without all the dangley bits.

I'm going to have a proper play later on, to see what it's like.

Sun, 03 Aug 2008, 16:31
It should fare much better than another Java IDE I've used, which was mostly for java learning. I forget what it was called, but it had the same Java-looking GUI images. It came readily available on the computer-science lab PCs at my college. I tried installing it on a PC in another lab - and it crashed the whole computer, without warning.

Oh - I do remember what it was called! J-Grasp. And I certainly didn't like it. If you want to program in Java, use JCreator.

Vesuvius web game
Sun, 03 Aug 2008, 16:37
I think that the JUDO IDE is only aimed at kids and beginners, so I'm not sure if it could be used for any high-end stuff.
Sun, 03 Aug 2008, 17:15
Netbeans FTW!
Mon, 04 Aug 2008, 08:41
This doesn't look as good as Greenfoot which is also aimed at teaching kids about Java. You could also take a look at BlueJ which they use for teaching Java at many universities.

This also looks like it's aimed at pre Java 5 which you shouldn't learn or use. It's outdated and is missing lots of stuff that makes Java code shorter and easier to write (namely generics and autoboxing).
Mon, 04 Aug 2008, 09:11
I tried BlueJ a few years ago, it seems to be quite a good piece of kit.
Mon, 04 Aug 2008, 09:37
We started java using BlueJ in college, but when I got around to using netbeans I wished that I have used it from the start; its just so much better. Fair enough theres quite a lot of options, but found it very easy to use, or at least compared to VS. The code completion also makes life way easier when you dont know what youre doing.
Mon, 04 Aug 2008, 17:34
I agree Mike and I know plenty of others who also agree. But for most students who haven't ever programmed before an IDE complicates matters. It also helps to encourage students to indent their code properly and how to use documentation if many of these tools are missing or less mature. Especially when you offer code some automated generation and so students can get away with never writing the stub to an action listener, or any mutators and accessor methods.