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Thu, 23 Jul 2009, 01:47
Every time I do a new JNKPlat, this issue comes up.
The idea that the player would unlock levels as they go, and have some kind of reason to play through all the levels is one that I've always found difficult to achieve in a game like that, mostly because.. at the same time as having the regular levels, there's also a Level Editor in there, too.

You could lock features in the level editor, but then if someone wants to share their level with "Completed the Game" features unlocked, they'd only be able to share with other "Completed the Game" users.
It's a very tricky situation, within JNKPlat.

QOTD : What are your methods for locking/unlocking things?

''Load, Next List!''
Thu, 23 Jul 2009, 07:21
I don't like it when the game is so open and lets you choose among all levels you have completed so far. I think it breaks the illusion of being the game protagonist. Same goes to having level editor in the game menu.
I'd keep level editor separate from the game (another executable), maybe add the warning that it contains spoilers. If someone still wishes to spoil his fun let him. Maybe you can just restrict loading of locked levels in it.

In only game of mine that contains levels, finishing a level brings player immediately to the next one, and you can get to the previous level by dying 3 times, or pressing "Die" button.
There are four save game slots, and the game is saved automatically. Game can issue a code for playing on another computer if requested.
To make it less linear, there are places where you can store your position, and some teleports that let you jump to some place where you have or haven't been.
To make it look connected, there is a map: