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Sun, 11 Feb 2007, 22:22
I can't see this pay as you go crap working anyway. If it happens, all the driver in the UK would probably not bother using their cars for a few days, which will cause a loss in revenue due to no fuel being sold and no money going into the new tax system (this is pay as you go after all, so no driving, no taxes), so they will have to go back to the flat rate tax system. Also, the insurance companies will probably want to use the same system to exaust more cash out of drivers, so the same again, everybody stops driving for a while, then both the insurance companies, and the inland revenue, don't get paid (no miles clocked up, no payments made, system crashes). So I think Tony Blair's Bullcrap Party have seriously screwed up big time.
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 04:20
Good point, it would be so easy to loophole it if so, using the washing machine to browse the interent, i like your thinking

A pie a day causes heart failure
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 06:03
Raising the proce for fuel would have the same effect as car tax, wouldn't it? If all car tax is going to achieve is make people drive less then why not just raise the proce of fuel?

insert witty comment here.
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 07:41
@ the_mopenator...

Haven't you noticed how high the UK fuel prices are already ?.
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 07:53
One way of putting it... They've alread taxed us left right and centre of the years. They introduce tighter annual MOT checks and make every car manufactured after 1994 have a catalytic converter fitted, and raise the price of fuel and car parts thought the roof. Yet there are now even more cars on the road and they say the environment is getting worse, so I think I've made a point at saying that the old-new systems never worked and I can't see this one working either. The fact is, the government know too well that people are still going to drive, and they know bloody damn well that they are going to make a lot more money to fund their own needs. The bottom line is, the taxes over the years were supposed to be designed to help the planet by funding green projects, so where the NAT KING COLE are the results ?, I tell you where... stored as cash in the govenments pockets.

|edit| HOLY CRAP... with rants like this, I could become a newspaper columnist . |edit|
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 08:30
power mousey

hey, steve

why do't you write a few blogs about all this?
true. yet, you pretty much share your opinions,statements, some facts and also rants and feelings in your topic and continuing topic posties and replies too.

and yeah, why not!? write and write. and submit your opinions and thinkings to some of your local newspapers.
Call yourself Nat, King of the Coleslaws.
Just like a head lettuce...the dullard brains in the governorship of the Houses are many hardened layers and layers of stale and rotting coleslaw. Too much of the slaw is going around...sadly, it seems.

coleslaw cheers
and with some cottage cheese and tomatoes too

power mousey

Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 10:29
Ya know what Mousey !... I might just do that .
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 12:04
I don't think its a rant, most of it is more fact than opinion, taxes are reasonably high, car fuel prices are through the atmosphere, maybe you should make a paper called: "The Daily Ancell" or my favourite "The Sunday Steve"

A pie a day causes heart failure
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 20:24
power mousey

thats want a rant is: going on about and getting involved
as you share your opinions, actions,reactions to others actions and behavoirs and/or to lifes' problems and situtations.
And even using examples, utilizing facts as well as the thinking, actions and opinions of others too.

The rant could be of a more involving nature of critical thinking too. Where you not only share but motivate,encourage others to think and discuss what the rants' about. For them to check it out and decide for themselves.

Yet, it could also involve raving as well. Good and positive things to say and share too. Maybe a mixture of both ranting and raving.

A small example of a rave and a rant:

I bought DarkMatter 1, a 3d model collection pack from the Game Creators. The ones who put out both Dark basic and DBPRO.
This is true and a fact. I can also prove and confirm it.

Now for the rave: I like some of the 3d models. They were designed well and I like the animations of them. Also, especially they can be used in both Dark Basic, DBPRO, and especially Blitz 3d.

Now for the rant: A lot of models are of average or poor,low poly and blocky quality. Also, the animations of all the 3d models are split into separate files like... attack.x, crouch.x, jump.x, walk.x, idle.x, etc I wish
they were embedded in a single x file and I can check and note the length and number ranges for each action/behavoir or animation sequence.
And, also use them not only in just Dark Basic,DBPRO but also and especially in Blitz 3d.

hey, I like those names for the editorials or columns for steve to write under.

power mousey

Tue, 13 Feb 2007, 08:25
That's more like it... before Sarah Kennedy blurted the existence of the pettition on Radio 2 there were only about 25,000 signatures, now there are 1,306,259. I bet some of the government bodies are crapping themselves .
Tue, 13 Feb 2007, 10:13
Ere I just had a thought...

With the amount of turd that is comming from the governments mouth as a whole, that should be enough manure to make more plants and trees grow which in turn should eliminate the carbon dioxide problem. After all... trees take in carbon dioxide, and give out oxygen.
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