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Socoder -> Wednesday Workshop -> #086 - The Tall Challenge

Tue, 06 Feb 2007, 16:54
Wednesday Workshop #086 : The Tall Challenge
Time until Deadline

Week : 7 January 2007
The Reason : Looks like they're going to try to relaunch the NGage. Let's all laugh at the silly vertical screen!

The Challenge : This week, create a game using a resolution of 320 x 600... Without it being a Tetris clone!

Extra Info
320x600 is a nice workable resolution.
Graphics 320,600,32,2
^ Not sure how "Fullscreen" will cope, so stick with Windowed mode.

Weekly Rules/How to Enter
You have until Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning 00:00 BST to submit your levels. ^ See Deadline Link! ^

Wed.Workshop is at SoCoder.co.nr. If you can read this, you're probably already there!

Stick your entry underneath this post, leaving a link to your exe or the source of your game, or whatever. (I'll get round to allowing uploads sometime, honest!)

If you can't figure it out, or have a really rubbish server, send it to Jayenkai@Gmail.com and I'll stick it straight onto the SoCoder (Official Wed.Workshop) site.

Entries will be collected during the week, and entered into next week's voting. (If there are any entries..)
All entries will be entered into voting which will take place if there's more than one entry..

Please try to keep all entries within small file sizes. 2Mb is the average maximum for files.
Additional Rules are available at the SoCoder (Official Wed.Workshop) site, under the list of previous workshops.

Last Week's Games
Two entries, last week.

Mike G got us to find rectangles, and Magicman opted to chase circles.

Which game wins, You decide!!
Comment on the entries, and don't forget to leave votes.
The game with the highest rating at the end of the week is declared the winner.

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Thu, 08 Feb 2007, 00:20
In honour of our school being shut today due to lovely snow, I may enter. Yeay snow!
Thu, 08 Feb 2007, 08:01
power mousey

true, skypenguin

enjoy your snow day.
but, you'll probably have to make it up.

We did when it snowed in Kirkland, Washington and our high school..Juanita High School...cancelled for a few days.
I went sledding with my friends, played my music a lot,
read up on the Narnia books, and especially caught up on my homework too.

power mousey
Thu, 08 Feb 2007, 11:25
Well, it's closed tomorrow then there's the weekend, and next week is half term. So we're free for the next 11 days. Yipee.

In my old school, there once was a Blizzard, and the school was closed for only 1 day, but no extra work at all.

And the only homework we had was to revise for a test on Friday, which we won't be completing.
Thu, 08 Feb 2007, 14:53
i think i might make something in visual basic for this.... all i have to do is learn visual basic...

Stuff... Yeah...
Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 07:31
Jay's Entry for the week.


Use the cursors to control the snake.

And yes, it does look a bit tetris'y!

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Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 08:38
Sod it.. Here's another!

It's a Speedboat!

Cursors to guide the speedboat.

Note : Might be a bit slow, depending on how dead your system is!

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Mon, 12 Feb 2007, 10:44
Hey that boat games fun. I played it 4 times. My best distance: 4701. Then I stopped because I felt like i was being hypnotized. Btw I got a 1.46ghz Athlon and it dint seem slow at all to me.
Tue, 13 Feb 2007, 16:55
It's time again to close another workshop.

Only 1 vote has been cast, this week, meaning Mike_G's Znaxish has won by a mile!
Well done, Mike.

''Load, Next List!''
Tue, 13 Feb 2007, 17:08
Why do I always have to enter on the dead weeks

Oh well at least I'm a winner I would have voted 5 for magicman if i wernt such a greedy bastard, so i spose we can call it a draw
Tue, 13 Feb 2007, 17:13
lol, you greedy bastard!