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Posted : Wednesday, 05 May 2021, 16:18
Garage Builder. The gamedev but if bit of Labo has been expanded into its own thing. Linkage

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Posted : Wednesday, 05 May 2021, 16:18
Damn you autocorrect!!
Posted : Friday, 11 June 2021, 02:28
.. Yep.. It's the same one from Labo..

-=-=- Copy+Pasted from AGameAWeek blog -=-=-

As the tutorial began, the game asked me to jump up to a platform. But OMG, the jump button doesn't work.
The tutorial guides you through adding Jump functionality to the B button.
"Now switch to the game. OMG! Jump works. What happens if we disable it? OMG! Jump doesn't work. Now what happens if we enable it? OMG! Jump works!!"

The tutorial carried on in this ludicrously hand-holding methodology.
"Teaching" through insane repetition is this game's way of teaching you things.
"Copy this platform. Now move the platform here.. NO NOT THERE. HERE.. WHERE I SAID.."

It's hand-holding to a T. Everything has its place, and you MUST DO AS YOU'RE TOLD.

Place the object here. Make it do this specific task at this specific time.

The only time it actually let me use an ounce of my own imagination was right at the end of the tutorial when it allowed me to change the colours of the platforms.. AND NO MORE THAN THAT..

I didn't enjoy the tutorial.

I can't exactly remember the WarioWare DIY tutorial, but I definitely do remember thinking "Boy, this is a good tutorial."
I don't feel that way about this one.
It was a very stringent teacher, and it didn't let go of my hand at any step of the way, until right at the very very very end.

The tutorial session (It goes on until the end of "the first game", then lets you free) took roughly 20 minutes or so. After which the proper free-mode was unlocked, and I could start actually doing things of my own choice.

I'm currently unsure if I have to drag myself through more tutorials to unlock features, but the hour or so I spent trying to work out the "language" resulted in a lot of issues.
Trying to (of course) make SpikeDislike lead to a lot of dead ends.
Apparently I can't force an object to be at a specific set of co-ordinates..?

I mean, I can do it in the editor.. But doing it programmatically doesn't appear to be an option.
I can change the object's speed, but not an exact position, and even though there's a toggle between Acceleration and Speed, it appears that changing the speed also changes the acceleration..!?

Further investigation will be necessary, I think.

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Posted : Friday, 11 June 2021, 04:02
That sounds quite frustrating. Do you think you will get more abilities/features by completing the tutorials, that became a bit annoying in Mario Maker.

Andy H
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Posted : Friday, 11 June 2021, 05:37
Not sure. I seem to be able to do most things, as is.
Can't figure out how to kill momentum, though..

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Posted : Friday, 11 June 2021, 13:48
I can't do this..

1. I can't find a good way to programmatically position objects.
I can programatically move things, but they then seem to end up with physics taking control, and they move with their own free will.

2. Not only can I not position them, I can't appear to read their positions either.
Have you hit the floor so need to bounce? Good luck figuring that out.
Have you passed one of the spikes? Good luck figuring that out.

3. The "Plane" landscape is not infinite, so in a SpikeDislike, you'd fall off the end of the world after about 10 spikes.

4. But the ball doesn't bounce right, and the momentum gets in the way, anyway.

Object Orientated, and not "just make things happen"
There's nothing wrong with this methodology, and it is indeed the "Modern" way to do things.
But I'm not modern. And I can't handle this!!

I don't think there's going to be a SpikeDislike any time soon..

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Posted : Saturday, 12 June 2021, 04:11
It has a "Cannon" type object that throws objects into the world.
You can move it to position it where you want within the environment.
You can rotate it to throw objects in a certain direction.
You can add a randomiser to launch objects at a random time.
You can even draw a texture, then add the texture to the cannon and all the objects will have that texture.

But .. You can't get the randomiser to change the position or direction of the launcher, nor can you randomise the speed at which the objects launch.

You also have no way to know how many objects have been launched, or where those objects are on the screen, or in relation to the player.
All you have is "I am destructible, and those the objects are destructive, and a trigger event is called once I'm already dead."

A better man than me could probably do something incredible with this, but .. damn, that definitely isn't going to be me..

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Posted : Saturday, 12 June 2021, 05:21
Oh, for pete's sake..

There's a nice "teleporter" object.

Add one to each side of the screen, and ..

... except the teleport resets your position to the center of the teleporter, so your Y location is reset if you wrap around the side of the screen.

"Why don't you just add lots of little teleporters at the edge, then?"
.. because you can only have 8

God damnit, this thing is SO limited!!!

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