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Socoder -> Site & Server -> SyntaxBomb ''Outage''

Tue, 08 Feb 2022, 14:31

SyntaxBomb ''Outage''

Looks like SyntaxBomb is having issues. I'm not 100% sure what happened, but there was a ban-hammer situation and now Qube looks like he's closed things down for the meantime.

Given all his recent IRL issues, I'm really not all that surprised that he, quite frankly, doesn't have the patience for any crap right now.
I know that I've certainly been through periods where dealing with crappy forum members hasn't been a pleasant experience.. Even if they're not being "That bad", if your mind isn't in the right place to deal with them, even the simplest of bugbears can piss you off "just enough".

I expect that Qube needs time to sort out the more important things in his life, right now, and I would hope that everyone can understand that.

SyntaxBomb might re-emerge. It could be soon, it could be a while. The last time it went down, it was gone for quite a while. Don't push Qube. Let him deal with things as he needs to.

If you need somewhere to stay until the site re-emerges, feel free to join in here. Just don't go bringing all the shit with you.
I won't have anything bad being said about Qube, especially given all the stress he's been going through of late.


Registering Here/Lost Password

As much as I've played with it to work properly, I'm still not entirely convinced that the mailer is doing what it oughta.
I'm getting emails, but I think Google knows that I like emails from SoCoder, so it's letting them through for me. I'm not so sure it is, for everyone else.

If you're having trouble registering here, do email me and let me know (Jayenkai@Gmail.com) and I'll play hacky-hack with the database to get you in.
You're welcome to join/recover your account here, but again, do so as a place to create/enjoy the company, not as a place to rant about things.

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Tue, 08 Feb 2022, 22:33
Well, poo.

Long live Socoder!
Tue, 08 Feb 2022, 23:03
I look now, but dont join in, I wouldnt care, there is some great coders on there, but a couple of times something I put on devolved it into a blastfest, and in my case, someone took something, made it political and went nuts, and all I said was the words "Back in blighty"... Never mind, I cannot be arsed with that, so, just stopped using and ended up just looking.

The same member seemed to be having a pop at everyone at the time though, so I was nowt special it seemed!

Anyway, I do come here a lot for a peek too, but overall, I dont post anywhere really, I've been using Cerberus-X for a bit, and, well, dont put anything on Mikes site either, I dont need to, I've found my way about that without the need to hammer the support forum, so, again, just head in for a look. Social networks I give up mostly because they are shite... Still handy to have when people send notifications about a do or anything, but engagement wise... Next to nowt!

I dont know why, but, I'm finding being a lurker suits me nowadays, little snippets here and there yeah, like this, but, usually, I'll just be floating about!

And even though I like a laugh and carry on, when you dont post, it's impossible to end up entwined in a pile of bollocks too! lol


Intel Core i5 6400 2.7GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB), 8Gig DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 64bit
Wed, 09 Feb 2022, 01:46
Totally understand why Qube has done it, it's a shame though some great coder on there and a lot of resources.
Wed, 09 Feb 2022, 07:31
Hmm, i do visit daily to get the new posts, but i haven't noticed anything unusual on syntax bomb, thanks for clarifying.
Fri, 11 Feb 2022, 03:18
SB is back.
Fri, 11 Feb 2022, 03:44
Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 14:50
A year later, and the site's having what appears to be a lost-domain or hack based overtaking of the site.
Anyone else able to access it?

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Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 15:22
Some skanky cock wobble has hacked SB and overwritten the whole site with their junk.

Currently trying to restore a full backup from yesterday but no doubt it'll be a hair pulling battle. No idea how or where they got in.

Until the next time...
Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 15:43
Good luck getting all sorted.

*fingers crossed*

... *does a site backup*

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Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 16:23
Thanks Jay, all sorted, up and running again. Fingers crossed it's not wiped out quickly again, lol.

Until the next time...
Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 16:52
Good luck trying to find the culprit, and any possible holes in your script.

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Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 17:48
^what he said^
Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 22:38
Keep an eye on pages like this one, SMF gets targeted a lot by bots.


Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 22:45

I would imagine PHP is a target in itself. After the last PHP update I have been noticing an annoying bug that seems to affect the majority of sites I visit, and I know bugs can often be exploited.
Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 23:10
The most recent version of PHP has deprecated abs(string), which AFAIK is used widely as a string-to-int sanitiser by a LOT of scripts.
Quite why they did this, I've no idea, but it must've been a vulnerability somewhere for them to have stripped away a very handy command function like that.

But, essentially, any site that uses it will have been unceremoniously broken because of an extremely common function.

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