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Created : 01 July 2009
Edited : 01 July 2009

De är en evighetsmaskin!!!

A professor has made an 'infinity machine', and is singing a song about it!!

Translated lyrics

(Look here is a widget that looks right strange
It is a huge GADGET with a nickel-cone
Here are the gears and propels as far as I can see
Maybe you can be so kind and explain what it is?)

Well, that is, power coming in through the hole there
And then go further in the work until the engine here
As may pursue this cyclepumps PISTON
As late now blowing in the propeller as the propeller is launched

It is here, it goes there, it goes around a little bit
It starts in one kick, it's an unparalleled widget

(Well I think I get it, but what does this machine do?)

Yeah, the propeller drives around a small heater
Which pumps water through the funnel into a thermostate
Which in turn leads the water to a paddle
That is attached to a mast in our bike shed


(Well, thanks, thanks, but what does it do, what does it do?)

Well, in the end out of the mast, it is a pedal
As tramples around an old bicycle out of the national mark
And when you get power from the bicycle generator where
It will be a ten, twelve o'clock amps, like that, about


(Oh, please, please please the professor, but I want to know what kind of a device it is)


(The professor, professor, yes we want to know what it is)

Well then, the power that you get from the generator when
It is just so much to widgets begin to
For see, the power is back again, to the top throughout ti'n
And so it goes by itself, it's an eternity machine


(Yeah, I can understand that, but what kind of device is it?)
It is a perpetual machine (repeat 26 times)
(It is a perpetual machine, but what is the idea?
you mean that it just goes and goes by itself?
But what can you with it?
You mean if it does not do anything?)
That it does anything, it is clear that it does something
In the summer it may well be that it is hot
And then you can cook porridge upstairs in the funnel
(So you have this big machine just to boil porridge sometimes?
In the middle of summer?)