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Created : 29 December 2006

Might And Magic tribute

An unofficial M&M tribute site

"Might & Magic Tribute is a project started by a group of dedicated Might & Magic fans to produce a fully featured "tribute to Might & Magic" game. The game will be very much in the style of MM6-8 but with some technological enhancements to bring it more up to date."

Sounds cool!



Friday, 29 December 2006, 13:01

And originally developed in Blitz3D, too! (although they've shifted now.. Boooo! )
Friday, 29 December 2006, 13:34
The B3D tech demo was good, but their real 100% origional attempt was a pretty poor thing, I thought... And reminded me of crap games made with Visual Basic!
Friday, 29 December 2006, 14:12
power mousey
maybe Sheltem revived and gunked up the works.

but have no fear, the ancients have sent out both the Dragon Pharoah and another Corak too. To hunt him down. true.

um...from Might and Magics 1-5. Of these, I really enjoyed MM3 the most.

power mousey
Friday, 29 December 2006, 14:31
power mousey
but hey how about a Might and Magic called Requiem or Secrets of the Ancients.

Don't stop me...please don't. But hey,

When the party of adventures in MM5 wear down Sheltems defenses and distracted him...Corak came out and fought Sheltem and set off a nuclear bomb planted in his within his cybernetic body....destroying both him and Sheltem.

Now, the story in this game picks up and replays the event as an intro video. But unbeknowst to the escaping adventure party from quick warnings from Corak while he was batling Sheltem...Sheltem sensed he was going to be destroyed along with his nemesis of Corak and all his Castle too.
So with all his remaining might and magics he sent out a sliver of his consciousness as a last desperate attempt to save himself. Unfortunately, it backfired and with the resulting nuclear blast it opened a portal to another location and sent a sliver of his consciousness flying thru and seeking a body of some kind before dissapating. It found a lonely small monastery and a injured knight being healed in a small room. The sliver grew and formed a glowing green cube and entered the damaged and injured knight.

The green cube glowed and a cube was burned onto his hand. Son of Sheltem was born!!

power mousey
Saturday, 30 December 2006, 12:58
Hey mousey, I know you're pretty artistic, and you have a great imagination... do you think that you'll undertake a huge project like your own M&M tribute?

Maybe one day, when Cobra3D is out, I'll do the same
Sunday, 31 December 2006, 16:36
power mousey
hi Hoboben,

what I just wrote for you and others has been a ongoing thing for Might and Magic. Secrets of the Ancients, or better: Requiem for the Ancients.

I play and modify the game or story in my mind from time to time. I get these images and design and visualize backgrounds,structures, characters and other things as well.
Even the orbiting topographical interworlds and dimensional portals bettween them and linking them all up. Even , the the Ancients themselves too.

I daydream and even play this story or game in my mind at times before I sleep.