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Created : 27 August 2007
Edited : 27 August 2007


Copyright free, commercial and derivative

About 17,000 free textures and images (very high res. too) under the following generous licence:

* you CAN modify our images and textures in any way you see fit
* you CAN use our images and textures in your own work, whether it be for personal or commercial use
* you CAN redistribute or sell our images and textures ALTERED OR UNALTERED as part of printed work (e.g. posters, cd-covers, postcards etc)



Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 01:25
So, basically, one could download any of their images, and do whatever they want with them? Sell, use them in a project a sell that... there's no limit?
Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 02:52
power mousey

read the terms and conditions more carefully.

under the disclamer:

We reserve the right to modify or revise these
Terms of Use at any time.

and especially...the one above but still in the disclaimer section of:

The creators of image*after and its contributors are not liable in any way for damages or litigation that may arise when using or downloading content contained on all pages related to image*after. The users acknowledge that they assume all risk and/or responsibility when using and viewing this site. Please use your own legal discretion and resources concerning any liability issues.

All brand, logos or product names are or may be trademarks of and are used to identify products and services of, their respective owners.

one of the things that this could mean...and just one potential issue is this: you could've downloaded some images and placed them in a game and even for a commerical game product. The owner or owners of the said image or images now have a copyright and want a fee for the image(s)
and/or for you to remove the image(s) from your commercial game or app.
Yet, a problem can occur if you are selling and distributing your game. And have sold some of your games.

there could be legal issues and even a visit to the court.
And not just a tour of the legal system either.

I know this sounds very unlikely...but you never know.
I just don't like the wording and implications of this disclaimer.

Cheers bro
power mousey
Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 12:08
Woah, didn't notice that. Thanks mousey. I think, in the event of me ever needing images, I'll probably make them myself! At least that way, I'm totally legal!
Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 14:35
I think the legal system works in a way that the license applies as it is to stuff you've downloaded - if you download anything and they've given you all the rights you need, and then tomorrow they change the license, then the stuff you've already downloaded is still covered by the first license if you want it to be.

Which is why I tend to download a license page in the same folder as I download the images to so that I have a dated copy.

But, idk, I might be wrong!
Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 14:44
power mousey

thats a very good idea and suggestion.
Never thought of it myself.

Not just download an image or two.
First read the Terms and conditions again
Making sure if they haven't been altered at all.

First, download the current web page....
which includes the most current Terms and Conditions themselves. Then, its download images galore.
Thats very good advice, Hobo.

Cheers bro
power mousey
Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 14:49
They do have some excellent quality stuff there, so it is worth a quick look

What's cool is that if you make a presentation with powerpoint (yeuch!) or OpenOffice (much nicer) the images match the slide sizes perfectly proportionately, with no stretching in uneven directions, which is nice.