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Created : 06 December 2018
Edited : 06 December 2018

#394 - Pulling News

Weekly Newsletter

; Pulling News

#394 - Friday 07th December, 2018

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Every Friday, Smaaaaaash!!!!


; Advent of Creativity

The first, and possibly annual, Advent of Creativity is upon us.
Your task, should you dare attempt it, is to try to generate something each and every day over the 24/5 days of Advent.
Are you creative enough to take the challenge?

... and do you have the time?

Shockingly, members other than me are actually bothering to join in! This gives me great hope that at some point I might be able to actually do a proper competition or two!

In the meantime, members Rychan, Rockford and Shroom_Monk are bringing new treats to the forum, daily, and that's fantastic to see.

Feel free to join in, if you've not already! Nobody will mind that you've missed the first few days.


; Calendars

In our usual Advent thread, Jay and Rockford open the doors on their advent calendars and post the insanity within!

; Socks?

What kind of gifts do you buy for a 16 year old, these days?
Spinal's been given the job of being a Secret Santa to one of those "youngster" people.


; Generated World

Nvidia techies start to use AI to generate amazingly realistic 3D world imagery, by mixing regular 3D generation with AI imagery replacement.
Sounds awfully complex, and you get to see all of about 3 seconds of it in the included video!!


; Twiggy

A lady decides to marry the love of her life.

; Pulling Teeth

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
Join in the stories of pain, agony and sheer horror!!


View on YouTube


; Hubbard

Rob Hubbard heads back to the world of SID, and prepares to release a brand new 70 minute album

View on YouTube

; Mr Dengon

TechMoan takes a look inside an old toy tape machine.

; Week On £1

Mike and Grace see how easy it is to spend only £14 on food between them, for a full week.

; Fisticuffs

Fighters, READY!!!


; Destruction

Evil plagues the city

View on YouTube

Musical Cover Corner

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Vaguely Movie...ish Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube







... uhoh! My Advent of Creativity may not get much further!!

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