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Created : 06 June 2019

#418 - Look. News!

Weekly Newsletter

; Look. News!

#418 - Friday 07th June, 2019

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Every Friday, Making a Plan


; Hello World

Over at AGameAWeek, this week, I decided to organise things a little better.
For the past couple of months, my schedule's been somewhat erratic, leaping from Foldapuz to Shoebox and lately PetitSwitch, making all manner of smaller games, but so many of them that I haven't left myself time for "proper" AGameAWeek.

So, I gave myself a schedule.
A quick Foldapuz game on a Tuesday, some forward planning on Wednesday, this on Thursday, PetitSwitch on Friday, Shoebox Saturday, then a couple of days to finish off the AGameAWeek Proper..

This seems mostly doable, as long as I don't try to expand any of the smaller side projects too far.
Little games work best, with the bigger ideas forming the main AGameAWeek games.

So.. um.. 4 games a week?..!

Probably going to give myself another bloody tumour, at this rate.


; Sprite Thing

After earlier attempts in the week, to find "just" the right sprite editor, Pakz decides to make his own editor in Monkey2.
There are a few roadblocks, though, so he's going to have to come up with a few clever solutions, along the way.

; Rope Things

Meanwhile, Pakz is also experimenting with Rope Physics.
He's not quite up to Worms level, yet, but at least he's made a start.


; Useless Plastic Tat

Over in Japan, they're "expanding" the MegaDrive Mini via the addition of none-functional plastic Add-ons.
Mega CD, 32X, Knuckles Lock-On Cartridge.. they're all here.
How stupid, and wasteful, and completely worthless.
.. I want them all!!


; Nom/Vom

Rockford continues to munch on a variety of Japanese Treats!
So much variety, but such tiny portions.
Whatever will be next?!


; Search Function

As Spinal tries to find an old post, Jay is reminded that the SoCoder search isn't exactly ideal.
But how can you best optimise a search function on a forum?
Any suggestions are more than welcome.


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; XP Make

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; Cake


; Quake

The sound of an alien atmosphere.
Pump up the Volume, and listen close!

; Bake



; Time Travel

Are you prepared?

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; Extra Cake



; The Willy

More Manic Adventures

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; The Print

LGR posts an uncut, 40 minute video, of a dot matrix printer doing its thing.

80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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... Youtube automation can be tough, sometimes, but what I wouldn't give for Youtube to start automatically renaming Covers, when they're not actual covers, and are instead just Karaoke performances over the exact same sodding backing tracks!!
Makes this much harder, every week..

VGRemix Corner

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