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Created : 13 June 2019

#419 - Suspicious News

Weekly Newsletter

; Suspicious News

#419 - Friday 14th June, 2019

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Every Friday, Stuffing my big fat face!


; Hello World

I haven't had a Ben and Jerry's in years.
I might be wrong, but I don't think I've had one since my Pre-op days, and that's 7 years ago!!
So I bought a 500ml tub, yesterday, and stuffed the entire thing down, whilst watching the first episode of Season Two of Happy!
Nom nom nom!!

Fat bastard Jay wins!!

Meanwhile, I've spent most of today playing with music options. If I'm going to move "normal" AGameAWeek stuff over into a JavaScript engine, I need a smaller way to handle music, so the downloads don't wreck your mobile/browser data, and my server can happily host all the music, and ..

... and..

Oh god, it's MOD, isn't it..
That's literally the only solution.
Small file size, easy looping, possibility to jump around in the track if need be.
Fuck sake..

Guess I'm going back in time, then!

Hold on tight!!
Here comes the Amiga shaped wormhole!!!!


It seems like all's quiet on the coding front.
I've kickstarted my new regime of "a really dumb number of games a week", but haven't bought that particular domain name.
I've tried to post stuff into the forum, but am also trying not to spam the fuck out of the place, and be all "I made another 3 games, this week!" because I know that'll just irritate the fuck out of everyone!!

So, what have YOU been up to?
If you're reading this, go post on the forum, and maybe start a topic for your most recent project.

The forum's only as busy as you make it!


; E3 2019

E3 is upon us, and we all get to sneak a peek at upcoming games, then ignore pretty much everything because Animal Crossing gets shown off!

Microsoft might've announced their next console, but Tom Nook's twins have a workbench, and they're not afraid to use it.


; Snacks Continued

Rockford continues to eat all the Japanese Snacks, with pigs, splodges and DragonBalls!
.. hmm..
Edible Dragon Balls..?
Sounds like something from I'm a Celebrity!


; Seemingly Stable

After last week's minor panic, I think I've decided that the server's working just fine.
Rockford's missing image and TheRevillsGames' missing post both appear to be (hopefully) a case of unexpected deletion.
I've added lots of little flags around the site to hopefully pop up should anything like this happen in future, but if you spot anything missing, please do let me know what it wasn't that you didn't see!

; Meanwhile

Linode will be doing a security update in a couple of weeks, so the server will be down for a short while.
The email said it shouldn't be too long, but if you visit the site on the 29th of June and everything broke, you know why!!


; Train

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; Horse


; Musical Interlude


; The Price of a Stand


; Ray Parker Jr Collection

He sings all the hits


; Leaping!

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; MicroButton

Making your own Youtube Million Subscriber Button


; Quake II Analysis

Taking an in-depth look at NVidia's RealTime Rendered Quake II

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; Pogo Flow

Pogo describes his workflow when doing his amazing musical mixes.

70s Cover Corner

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RadioCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 13 June 2019, 06:03
Aye, apols I've that been a bit quiet on here of late. I could post about what's going on at work coding wise but that's probably not the best idea at the moment.

Just need to finish the ending sequence to Flap Happy then it's onto another NES game and a fairly secret gameboy port I'll probably spend a few months on, again hopefully for cartridge release.