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Created : 08 August 2019
Edited : 08 August 2019

#427 - Xananews

Weekly Newsletter

; Xananews

#427 - Friday 09th August, 2019

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Every Friday, as long as Fridays are actually Thursdays.


; Hello World

Sitting here on a Thursday morning, waiting for the Wasp Guy to show up.
We've had wasps popping up in the bathroom for the past week or so, so had to ring up the local council.
They asked for an upfront payment, then gave us an appointment a week later.
Cheeky fuckers.

Anyway, hopefully the guy can do something.
Anything that allows me to have a nice deep long bath without having to suddenly leap out of the bathroom, will be an improvement.


; Vic Nibbler

AndyH has worked hard to make a teensy tiny teeny weeny game inside the miniscule amount of RAM that the Commodore VIC has (and/or hasn't!!)
Coded in a version of Pascal, it's a remake of the classic Nibbler game.
Simply chomp your way through all the dots within the time allowed. An interesting mix between Pacman, Puzzler and Snake.

; Another Plan?

Spinal's screen finally turns up for his planned C64-Handheld, but it's not quite what he was expecting.
Maybe time for a different plan?


; Another Show

Netflix's "Another Life" didn't grab Jay like he was hoping it might.
And according to other commenters online, he's not alone.

; RIP - Joe Longthorne

You probably don't recognise the name, but you'll know the face.


; Cheesecake

Spinal reinvents the Cheesecake.

; KenneyNL Sprites

KenneyNL draws hundreds of sprites, then uploads them for everyone to freely use.
If you need a bunch of art, quick, this is a great place to find some.


Some crazy internet guy decides to try making 10 games in 10 weeks!!
... who on earth would do such an insane thing?

View on YouTube

His first release

And his first post-mortem


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; So Much Fun


; Important News Bulletin


; Musical Interlude


; Important User Information



; Music Theory

Notes, numbers, chords and clocks

View on YouTube

; Apple Fix

8bit Guy fixes a rare thing.. An easy to access, user serviceable Apple product!


; Lost Garfield

View on YouTube

; Challenge Linus

How do you backup a lot of SloMo footage?

; Man vs Wales - Part Three

With a "Squeamish" warning!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



MovieCover Corner

View on YouTube




And, of course

VGRemix Corner

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