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Created : 03 September 2020

#482 - News Sultans

Weekly Newsletter

; News Sultans

#482 - Thursday 03rd September, 2020

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Every Thursday, Wondering where to begin


; Hallow Whirled

Spent the past couple of minutes reading the BBC News website.
Wasn't really sure why I ended up on the news site, and took me a while to figure it out.
Turns out, I accidentally typed "News" into the address bar, instead of "GMail" to get to the newsletter template that I emailed myself.
I had "Newsletter" in my mind as I picked up the laptop, so typed "News", and that's as far as I got for a good while.

*reads news*
Meghan and Harry have signed up to Netflix. Maybe they're looking forward to the next season of Star Trek : Discovery?

I think this flu's got to me.
Just a regular hayfever-come-flu thing. Started off with sniffles, and now it's warped my fragile little mind.
Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow, but until then, there's a newsletter to write!
Hop to it, Jay!


; Turbo Rascal

A language I'd previously never heard of, Turbo Rascal (full name 'Turbo Rascal Syntax error, “;” expected but “BEGIN”' ) now has the ability to compile for Amstrad CPCs, as well as the previous set of systems, including C64, Amiga, Atari ST, Gameboy and more.
That certainly sounds like a good enough reason to take a peek, to me!

; OUYA Future - Issue 2

TKS brings news that work has begun on Issue 2 of the OUYA Fanzine/Magazine/PDF Thing
What features/articles would you like to be in the issue?
Post thoughts/ideas/comments into the thread.


; Sonic Is Teh Awsumist

.. in which Rockford infers Jay might be a slight Sonic Fanboy, just because he still has his original 90's Sonic the Hedgehog curtains and bedspread.
How dare he!!

; End of August

Jay just about manages to finish off his intended checklist of things that he wanted to do during August, but still had a ton of stuff left to do, because he spent 90% of the month playing that bloody No Man's Sky game instead of actually doing what he was supposed to be, the lazy git..
He still hasn't drawn any more Emojis, either.


; Lockdown III - This Time It's Personal

How's everyone coping with the Lockdown?
Most places are back to some kind of normality, but Bolton has now entered its THIRD lockdown!
All seemed well and good a couple of days ago, and everyone was preparing to get out and about on Wednesday, but a sudden doubling of cases has caused the town to go straight back into lockdown again!
But, hey, we had about an hour out of lockdown, so that's awesome!

MEanwhile, Rychan's having a tough old week. Dizzy and lethargic? Those sound a familiar combination..


; Tiny Shaft

This really looks nice, but I noticed today that, in the pictures, there really is a tiny shaft on that little stick.
Look at the guy/gal's hand, and how they have to "pinch" at the little stick, instead of wrapping their full hand around the head of the thing.
I like the idea of it, in theory, but if the stick is that small. .. What's the point?!
You want to grasp it, hard, and have your hand fully tight around a big tall shaft, for all that powerful waggling you're going to be doing.

; Big Blasting Gun

Turns out "New Turrican" is just a collection of the old ones that I got sick of playing 30-odd years ago.
What's the point of that!?!
I was REALLY looking forward to a nice new game in the franchise. Look how far Metroid's come in the years since.
We want that, but Turrican.
Bah, humbug.


; Beef!

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; Taps


; Classic Tubage



; Mousse


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; Pinball Wizardry



; Street Hawk

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; Epic NPC Man

A half hour cut of the recent episodes

80s Cover Corner

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And, I think I've posted this now before, but it's nice, so that's ok!


Most Excellent Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Friday, 04 September 2020, 06:03
Sonic 2 was the best Sonic. Well... that and Sonic Rush, deffo my fave Sonic games.