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Created : 19 August 2021

#530 - Say Hello, Wave News

Weekly Newsletter

Say Hello, Wave News

#530 - Thursday 19th August, 2021

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Every Thursday, deleting...


Hello World

Today I decided to spend "an hour" tidying up my iCloud Photos a bit.
Every morning I post a daily pixelart, and end up saving the pixelart to my iPad, then creating a nice background for it, and save that too.
Once a week after posting a SmileBASIC game, I then update my download stats, and take screenshot of those for Twitter.
That's roughly 20 screenshots a week that aren't exactly worth keeping, along with the occasionally "LOL, That's a silly notification!" screenshots and more.
But that builds up over time because I'm far too lazy to delete them.

Screenshots of games, Foldapuz puzzles and more, all clutter my Photo library, and really shouldn't be part of my backups.
Photos of the cat, sure, but I won't be needing to know that David Hasselhoff has a new track out, ten years down the line.

So I set aside "an hour", and after about three hours eventually decided that was enough for today.
After the lengthy session of browsing and deleting, I'd managed to work my way all the way up to January of this year, which would be great if I was working from the start, but iPhotos works from the newest photos, so...

More of that some other day, I reckon.


Vic Sprites!

AndyH has coded a way to get "sprite" type bitmaps to work on a Vic-20, without resorting to the reduced functionality/resolutions that you'd normally have to deal with.
Seems like some sort of Hi-Res Sprite functionality, or otherwise.
I'm not 100% sure myself, as I'm not all that familiar with how Vic/C64 technology worked, but it certainly sounds complicated and somewhat impressive given the Vic's low-spec capabilities.

LowRes Freeze

TheRevillsGames releases a game for the 64x64 LowRezJam, a fun little retro game where you play as an evil burglar, running away from the rozzers.
Can you escape with the loot, or will you fall to your doom?

Happy Flapping

Yep, looks like a Gameboy version's coming!
Rychan posts more stuff for an upcoming Gameboy (and color!) edition of Flap Happy, along with his plans to generate levels.
Looking good!!!

Helicopter Game

That generic game where you hold to go up or release to go down.
Jay spent about 4 days working on a new Framework/Handler menu system in GotoJSE, and then couldn't be arsed to write a decent game to go with it as an example.


RIP - Sean Lock

Best known for being on a multitude of different Panel shows, but most notably the 8 Out of 10 Cats shows.

RIP - Una Stubbs

Best known for a whole bunch of roles on TV and Movie, but best known as Aunt Sally from the good version of Worzel Gummidge.


BrumTest FALE

Steve has to go through the horrors of another MOT.
Money, Money, Money!
Sure am glad I can't drive.

House of Games

A new series of Richard Osman's House of Games has started, weeknights on BBC Two.
It's a fun gameshow, and Me and Mum really get a kick out of playing along with all the different games that crop up.
My particular favourite is Broken Karaoke, where you have to guess the song using only the first letters of each word!
If you haven't watched it yet, maybe catch-up on iPlayer, or "other" methods. But it's best watched with the company of others.

AI Coding

Can you make a game by speaking into the microphone?
Pakz lets us know about "Codex", which seems to let you do just that!
The future is here!

Hey, Siri! Write my newsletter for me!




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Robot Buster


Obligatory Trek Video



Mathing the Keyboard

Matt plays with keys

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Andong makes some pop!

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Advertising vs the Global Pandemic

A look at how the adverts survived the apocalypse.

80s Revival Again!

Billy Idol

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80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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