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Created : 02 February 2024

#617 - Rushing It


Rushing It

#617 - Friday 02nd February, 2024

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Can you tell I'm rushing, this week?


Hello World

It's been a stupid crazy week, this week. Had to take a day off from my regular schedule to go out for another Diabetes test, and the whole week's spiralled out of control because of that.
I also spent yesterday building up a new unit for my bedroom, and today will likely be spent filling it up, and unpacking more of those ominous cardboard boxes that still litter random corners of the house.
But at least it's a nice little unit, and though it won't hold anything large, it will at least be a good place to chuck a ton of those little trinket things that used to clutter the large Bookshelves in the old house.

So, newsletter, than.
This is going to be a heck of a rush job, since I've barely done any of it, and it's already a day late.
Hop to it, Jay!!


Flappingly Happy

CyanGames's Flap Happy game has flapped all the way through the kickstarter goal, over $1000 past the target as I type this, and is well on the way to becoming a beloved NES/Gameboy classic!
The kickstarter's still running for another few weeks, so if you'd like to grab yourself a copy of a real-life NES/GB cart with a crazy flapping bird on it, now's the best time to do so.
Flap to it, Coders!!


Moon Cresta on Pico8

Minion's posted a version of Moon Cresta over on itch.io, using that fancy Pico-8 thing that JSE really wishes it was.
Moon Cresta feels quite a bit like that Demon Attack X game that Eikon did the other week, so if you're into your retro space-shooters, you're in luck!


ProcGen Video

Pakz has posted a video of his ProcGen map maker, showing off its capabilities along with one of his recent choons.
A nice little way of doing showcase videos, showing off the coding and the musicalling, both at once.
Cool stuff, Pakz!


The February QOTD thread has kicked off with a question about how adventurous we are.
I'm not.
But CyanGames definitely is.
... Are you!?!
Let us know in the thread!

AI Stuffage


Google's launched a new version of their MusicLM engine, which seems to be using the methodology I keep banging on about. That is, melody and instruments, rather than smushing noises together in the hope that it sounds right!!
It certainly sounds like a much better formed result, or at least to my ears it does.
Just a shame that it currently isn't available "in your country", so I can't properly test the thing.


Diggity Doo

This week's game was going perfectly fine until someone tested it on their browser/system setup, and JSE's back-buffer functionality fell apart in ways I never could've possibly anticipated.
If you CAN play the game, it's a nice little bone-grabbing thing, and is actually quite fun to play.
Let me know if you can!

Zinc Extract

Speaking of things I rushed through and buggered up as a result, here's this week's ALChoon, which isn't anything like what I wanted it to be.
The choon's about Limes, and I really wanted to make a nice rotational-3D video with maybe a cocktail glass and a lime sitting next to it.
I honestly can't think of any easy way to generate such a thing, and it's really starting to wind me up that I can't easily do things like that.
I'm sure I could've done that 20 years ago. Where've all my epic coding skills gone?!


If you'd like to see your AI Art in a future AI Gallery, PM them my way, or post them to the DallE3 Thread, and I'll pick out a few for next week's Newsletter.

"A computer bursts into the camera, neon colours, plasma, circuits, capacitors, chips, cinematic, cinematic lighting,"

"Manic Miner, Software Projects, 8-bit game cover art"

"Sonic the Hedgehog, dressed as an anime schoolgirl, kawaii"


Something Wavey

I made a wibbly wobbly wave, yesterday.
I don't know what to do with it.
If you do, have at, and let us see the results.


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