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Created : 19 October 2017

#339 - Torn News

Weekly Newsletter

; Torn News

#339 - Friday 20th Oct, 2017

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Blitz News

; Monkey No More?

Mark isn't exactly making a great living from all his development stuff.
He's now contemplating giving up on the entire endeavour, and getting a 'Proper' job.
No more Blitz...
Mo more Max....
No more Monkey.....
.. No more Mark?!!?!
The whole of my PC game-dev universe is closing in on itself!!


..So, I started writing a new Framework for 2018.
Instead of using Monkey, I've opted to go for the much more universal C++

I'll be trying my damndest to make it so that I can code into a single 'My Game Here.cpp' file, and then compile it to a whole bunch of different targets, using a list of different compilers.
It's certainly going to be a fucking mess, that's for sure!
But that's what I'm doing, and it's probably going to take a long long time.
It's mid-October (already!?) so that gives me 2.5 months to get it ready for the first 2018 game.


I'll be taking my usual end-of-year break from AGameAWeek, but I've still got a couple of other projects I want to tackle in Monkey, first, though.
A new SpikeDislike is something that got started, then forgotten about, a few months ago.
I should also tackle a nice Xmas game, although I don't think it'll be a large Advent Calendar, this year.
I had planned to do a '12 Games of Xmas', but I can't think of any games that match the 12 Days of Xmas song, which I didn't already do when I last did a 12 Games of Xmas, back in 2009.
Maybe I should just redo those, but make them a little neater?

I dunno.

Plans.. They never do work out!


; Monsters in a Dungeon

Pakz has made a nice little game where you roam around a randomly generated dungeon shooting a bunch of monsters.
.. You have no idea how much like my current game, that is!!

; The Backup that Breaks

SoCoder's daily SQL Backup cuts the site out for around about 45 seconds each day.

; Floppy Simulation

Dabz buys a special product that replicates the functionality of having a lot of different floppies.


; Uhoh! Flooding!

A stranded family have a magical adventure.

; Evil Thing!

TheRevillsGames has a visitor


; Car!

Spinal spots a car!

; Car!

GfK decides he needs a Dashcam.


; Feelin' Hot

Dabz has an interesting event in the bathroom.

; Sweet Things

GfK's world is full of Love Hearts.
And Drumsticks and Parma Violets and more!


; Forever...

View on YouTube

; Sonic 3D Directors Cut

Travellers Tales developer/head/something (??!) continues to rebuild Sonic 3D.

; Return of Neighbourshood!

I’m not sure why I enjoy this, so much. Haven’t watched Neighbours in decades!

; Musical Interlude

NSFW : Busker Danny swears a lot in this song.

; Press Space

SongADayMann presses the space bar.

; Musical Flute

Picard wows us with his amazing musical skills.

; Two Years

That’s the rule.

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon


VGRemix Corner

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