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Created : 08 March 2018
Edited : 08 March 2018

#357 - Mello News

Weekly Newsletter

; Mello News

#357 - Friday 09th March, 2018

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Every Friday, I'm writing this on a Wednesday. What's happened to my schedule!?!


; Hello World

Step one. Create Socket
Step two. Make Socket None-Blocking
Step three. Connect with Timeout

Working on Windows just fine, but the same sort of code on Linux and Mac is failing hard, and it's been doing my head in since Sunday.
Cannot for the life of me figure out where I'm going wrong.
Everything I'm doing seems to be right, but... .. Nope!

Other than that, the framework is currently completely missing from Android and iOS targets.
iOS needs me to sit down at the Mac and code for a while, but the cat's recently decided that my desk chair is her new bed, and I've not been willing to give her the boot, so Mac-Typing is currently off-limits.
A lame excuse, I know, but I'm going with it!!

Meanwhile, Android's driving up the fucking wall, and I don't think I'm ever going to get my C++ code working on the damn thing.
Gawd, I knew this wouldn't be easy, going in, but it's the dumbest of issues that's blocking me from my goal.

I'd love to just get everything working, then focus on the games.. But, for now at least, the dream will be remain a little bit out of reach.


; AGameAWeek Thread 2018

Having finally got half of his intended C++ Framework up and running, Jay's created a thread for AGameAWeek 2018 releases.
It's going to get messy again!!

; Tape to Tape

What's your favourite tape type!?


; Basic Bits

Dabz got his little BASIC computer, but it didn't come with all the parts he needed.

; All Tied Up

Dabz gets knotted.


; ShubShub Visits

Every other week or so, @Shubshub11 is chatting away on Twitter to me. The other day I mentioned SoCoder and he asked WTF that was.
*sigh* I really should publicise the site more often.
Anyhoo, ShubShub stopped by and said hi.

Shubshub then announced his latest Font, and telling us of his previous projects.
Hopefully Shubshub will be sticking around for a while longer.

; Unmodern

Meanwhile, ShubShub insults my artistic abilities!!!


; Have you ever had an Accident?

'Yes. I once smashed my thumb to bits whilst slamming the phone down.'

; RIP Trevor Baylis

Inventory of the Clockwork Radio has passed away this week.


; Coming Soon

Netflix have apparently been busy remaking (and/or paying for someone else to remake) Classic B&W sci-fi Lost In Space, and it's due for release in April.

; Gas Soon

Canadian 'Comedy Network' have been busy animating a new series of Corner Gas, and it's also due in April.
April will be lacking in AGameAWeek, at this rate!!


; Z80

Learn how to add Z80 assembly code into basic!

; MegaDrive

Learn how to code in assembly for the MegaDrive/Genesis!


; Death Egg

View on YouTube

; ReactOS

ExplainingComputers looks at the Windows replacement

; Happy Aunt

Aunt Phyllis loves kids.

; Gotta Love Me!


; Moon Landing Was a Hoax


; Gimbal

KenEck reviews the DJI Osmo Mobile 2

; Lovely Shirt


And for fans, here's T&S on this week's RHLSTP

Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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