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Posted : Wednesday, 07 March 2018, 15:02
You know them arsehols that ring up asking about your recent accident (you know, the one you didn't have) - is it wrong to just scream FUCK OFF as loud as possible down the phone at them?
Posted : Wednesday, 07 March 2018, 15:02
Nope. Not wrong at all.

I tend to inform them that the accident hasn't happened yet and that they should call back next year once it's ocurred.

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Posted : Wednesday, 07 March 2018, 15:22
I used to string them along for as long as possible, but when that stopped being funny, I'm just left with the annoyance.
Posted : Wednesday, 07 March 2018, 15:43
Last one that called me was about 2 weeks ago. I just agreed to everything the robot voice asked and then waited for the actual human to go live, I then beat about the bush before finally telling him the nature of the accident. I told him that I was gagging for a piss so I pulled over by the nearest bush. I then told him I zipped my wang when I fastened my bottoms and then ran around frantically in pain, which then resulted in a bunch of rubber-neckers crashing into a pile-up.

I heard quite a hefty clang when he hung-up, I think I may have offended him.
Posted : Wednesday, 07 March 2018, 16:32
You guys oughta try buying a .wiki domain name.
Dear god, the number of fucking calls...

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Wednesday, 07 March 2018, 22:42
I havent had one of them for ages... But, I still got the odd phone call from "Vanquis Bank Fresh Start", about an outstanding debt (£160) to Sky from years ago, presumably when I was with Laura... Anyway... It turned up out of the blue, and regardless if I owe it or not, god knows actually, Laura fucked a few things up for me at the time.

Anyway, they ring up, try and give me grief, I dont admit liability to the debt, because like I said, I havent a fucking clue, and, to be honest, they are pathetic... They bang on it'll be on my credit file... I politely point out that I pay monthly for access to my credit file and there's nothing on there at all regarding them, Sky, in fact... Noone is on there apart from my bank accounts and phone... All in order, anything else I paid off years ago and it's as clean as a whistle.

I asked for all the information they held about me, and they wouldnt, because apparently, they hold no information about me... So I was like "Well how do you know my name, address and contact number... How are you calling me, blind luck... And if you have no information, how come you presume I owe this money?"

So, I basically said that because they wont send out the information they have on me, which is the law BTW, I deem this subject to be done, so dont call again"

Few weeks later... Phone rings... Guess who...

Rigmarole later, they suddenly decide that they will send me information out... With an admin cost of a tenner, so I pay it... And what comes through the door... The same shitty little letter that they sent originally... Nowt else... No Sky information stating my customer ID when I signed up, no proof of transaction history with my Sky subs... Absolutely sod all... Just a "You owe us" letter.

I delve a bit into it, and this "Vanquis Bank Fresh Start", is, part of the "The provi", remember them... Well, apparently, what they do, is hound folk with bollocks, then when the person succumbs to them, they, in provi styleeeee say that they will treat it like a loan, and you can pay it off, with a *cough* competitive 2000% APR or whatever it is these leechs charge!

So when they rang the last time, I just said "I dont admit liability to the debt, I will not be getting a loan from you to pay off the debt, and the next time I hear from you, it will be a summons by you to take me to a small claims court, goodbye", and that was that...

Never heard nowt from them since... Though I'm not going to count my chickens, these shit heads are predators!

Bastards got a tenner off me though!


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