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Created : 19 April 2018

#362 - News Touch

Section=Weekly Newsletter]

; News Touch

#362 - Friday 20th April, 2018

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Every Friday, Taking photos of random wildlife in the garden. Spring has Sprung!


; More Tubage!

Apologies, but I’ve only gone and added another YouTube Section to the YouTube Section sections section!
Things are getting a bit repetitive in my YouTube feed, with me constantly wanting to buy more and more Noodles due to me watching too much of ProZD's Ramen Review videos, and listening to Spray and AndrewHuang damn near 24/7!
So I thought I’d spice things up by adding a word of the week, and trying my best to find something a bit more unusual along the way.

... seriously, though, I need to start expanding the rest of the newsletter a bit.
If you’ve any suggestions on what bits and pieces I could add, be sure to let me know.
Otherwise, this is going to end up being a weekly YouTube Digest!!

... which it pretty much already is.


; Dabz's Bits

Dabz struggles to get his bits in order. He tried his best to shuffle them about, but he can’t quite find the right way to put them both together.

; Goto Poll

Or, if you prefer to come back, afterwards, you can Gosub instead.


; RIP Celebrity Bingo

Dale Winton, 62

Barbara Bush, 92

; Musical Studios

ITV swipes The Voice.
Channel4 take the British Bake Off..
Then ITV pinches the whole bloody building.
Like scavengers, before the carcass is even rotting.


; Naughty Computer

Jay is surprised by a word that the Scrabble Computer Player makes.

; Apple Fixes

Not the easiest job in the world.
Incidentally, Uncle Jimmy managed to get a new battery for my old iPad, and apparently managed to install it without too much damage. The iPad has now been donated to another family member, but I’ve yet to hear anything more.. how they’re getting on with it.. whether it even works properly.. .. or at the very least, a thank you for a frickin' iPad....
.. because... family..


; Driver Danger

Ant (not Dec) goes to court for his driving offence, and gets a slap on the wrist.

; Procrastination

The only true cure for Coder's Block is, inevitably, More YouTube Videos!!!


; Chemical LEGO Plant

Sonic visits Legopolis

View on YouTube

; Nom Nom nom nom nom

Eat it up!

; Parappa

A beta level from Parappa!

; Uppity Apple

Apple whinge about a fix.

; Musical Interlude


; Brian Blessed


Word of the Week

; Carrot


View on YouTube



; Magic



80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube





You know, usually I’d suggest that guy's "the worst cover", but...


TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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