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Created : 03 May 2018

#364 - A News Hope

Weekly Newsletter

; A News Hope

#364 - May The Fourth, 2018

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A short time ago on a website not very far away.

; Chapter 364

As he prepared to release
a volley of video games
onto the target system,
the evil overlord looked back
at all the previous systems
he'd devastated over years
gone by.

The OUYA system's rebels
were easily defeated,
no longer to be a threat,
and had long since been
crushed, but a new alliance
was forming in the Atari galaxy.

Would the evil commander
be prepared to set his
targets on them so soon after
redirecting all of his warships
towards system 3-DS?

As he wonders about the
possibilities, he awaits news
from those watching the
3-DS system, and hopes for
an interesting future proposition...

The Story Continues...

; The Flood

The president of the Spinal
galaxy requests help with a
giant flood, sweeping through
one of his binary systems.

As he tries to keep the flood
from overcoming the system's
capabilities, he tries his best to
limit the event, keeping it as
small and fast as he possibly can.

Help him, fellow coder.
You’re his only hope.


The Story Continues...

; Code Of Play

A black hole has gobbled up what
remained of the PMC system,
and the Spinal galaxy's president
is looking to find any rebels
which might be hiding out in
neighbouring systems.

Apparently one of the old archive
droids has some vital information,
and is protecting their whereabouts.


The Story Continues...

; Derek's Flight

Emperor Dabz prepares his latest vessel
and powers it up for a test flight.

Using all of his force powers,
he is able to control the ship
remotely from ground level.

The craft flies through the city
and the Emperor's citizens are
amazed by the power that he seems
to have over the force.

But not even the ultimate power
of the force will help warn the
Emperor of the tragic fate that
awaits, once the vessel has landed.


The Story Continues...

; The Force SEUCKs

The war continues amongst the stars
with space vessels of every kind
aiming their weapons at each other.
As the lasers blast through space,
only one construction kit will be
able to cope with all of the blasts.

The rebels hope that their Xenon III
vessel will be the final death knell
in their battle against
the evil empire.

They create a simulation of the
upcoming battle, and watch as the
Xenon III fighter floats through
the narrow passageways,
blasting it's way to success.



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