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Created : 07 June 2018

#369 - News with Somebody

Weekly Newsletter

; News with Somebody

#369 - Friday 8th June, 2018

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Every Friday, Juggling many tasks.


; Hello World

Fucking Apple.

Just as I'm happy with the way my Framework's going, they go and decide that OpenGL is shit, and are planning on depreciating it.
Not just iOS, either, but on MacOS. All those games.. Millions of games from the past couple of decades, all of them about to fail miserably.
And Cross-Platform coders will all have to rewrite things specifically for Apple systems.
God damnit, Apple, WTF?!

I've spent the past couple of days ramping myself up to tackle the inevitably large task.
I'm also taking the time to try to build a proper iOS edition of the framework, too, since both versions "should" more or less work the same.
.. Or at least, that's my plan, anyway.

Plans never work out.



; Gameboy Toots

Rychan gets a nice quality of chiptuen music coming from his Gameboy engine.
It's all sounding good.


Dan discovers someone trying to replicate BlitzBasic's commandset within Javascipt.
Except, to use it, you still need to deal with Javascript.
... Eeeeuw!


; Microsoft Buys GitHub

This could go one of two ways.
It can either be something that the world of development is happy to see continue, with a great deal of support from one of the largest software companies in the world.
.. Or it can go the way of most Microsoft-purchased things, and be left to rot until it dies a painful death and is inevitably replaced by either something 100% shitter than the original, or.. Nothing at all..

; AtariBox Continues

A year later, (look at the dates on the forum posts!) Atari finally get around to that IndieGoGo campaign they've been promising, and expect people to pay over £200 for a bog-standard Linux computer.
.. Sure, that'll work..


; Arsebrained

Scientists discover intelligence near Uranus.

; Dirty Dog

Meanwhile, Pluto has a lot of Methane.


; Biking Disaster

Jm2bits discovers that the folk at Halfords have been skimping on oil.

; MythBusters Jr

Adam Savage heads back to where it all began.

; Winning?

Britain's Got Talent 2018 is over.
But not everyone is happy.


; Teddy

How to make a teddy bear.

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; Fuck a Duck


; A Long Drive

Technology Connections takes us on a car journey.

; I am Leopard...

Hear Me Roar!

; Meet the Team

Linus does a big livestream walk'n'talk around the office, meeting all the BTS folk.

; Caaaake!

Barry bakes a cake!

; WeekOn Vegan

Mike's currently doing another WeekOn diet challenge.
How will he cope with a whole week of Vegan food?

Word of the Week

It’s so hot, right now!!

; Toastie


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This one's mental

80s Cover Corner

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And, your favourite...


And one last one


TVCover Corner

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... there’s a lot of godawful remixes of this.. I won’t make you suffer!

VGRemix Corner

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And, of course


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