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Created : 12 July 2018

#374 - News Under

Weekly Newsletter

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#374 - Friday 13th July, 2018

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Every Friday, Looking Back


; Hello Olde-World

For the past couple of months, I've been slowly making my way through my AGameAWeek blog archive.
Page by page, I've been fixing up old crappy iframe-based YouTube embeds, replacing dead links with either new links or (in the majority of cases) apologies that other sites tend to die.
I've been reading old comments on my games, and seeing just how cranky I can get when languages don't behave.

I've just been reading through my original experiences with Monkey-X vs GLBasic, and seeing the reasons why I picked GLBasic over Monkey-X, honestly seemed completely reasonable.
I was quite happy with Monkey, except for it's lack of recolouring and the complexities involved with the different targets.
GLBasic, on the other hand, seemed much simpler..

.. Until the bit where GLBasic didn't do audio-pitching, and then I kinda went a bit crazy, threw it all out, and went back to BlitzMax!!
Stupid GLBasic..

This is the first thing I coded in Monkey, back in 2010.

I wouldn't start using Monkey properly until 2013.


; Voxels

Pakz continues to build his voxel engine, and it's looking mightily impressive.

; Wedding Bells

WarOffice is getting married, and so is Spinal, but not to each other.
Jot 'em in your diary's, folks, if you can figure out the dates!


; A Day at the Beach

Pakz has a day out at Renesse in Zeeland, which is apparently a province of the Netherlands, and is made up of a number of small islands.
And, yes, I definitely had to Google that!!

; Yorkie Boozing

Meanwhile, Dabz goes to get rat-arsed in York.
I went to York once, with school. We went to see the Vikings. .. I'm sure it wasn't THAT long ago..!?!


; Watch Out

Spinal orders a watch, but gets the wrong watch.
You'd think that "Popular Used Electronics and Games Store" would know which watch is which.

; Gemini PDA

A lovely looking little device, but is it perhaps a little bit TOO pricy, at around £500?
By comparison, the GPD Win 2 is currently around the £700 mark on Amazon, and comes with Windows10, and has a lovely controller built in, too..

; More Noodles

Jay begins his trek through the third of his ZenPop Noodle subscription!
*tsk* Lazy fat Jay is getting lazy and fat.


; Missing Images - Continued

Apparently, the issue Pakz appears to be having on his Android device is possibly related to the Reply box being drawn over the top of the Reply button.
I might have to add an additional secondary button somewhere, to account for that.

; Surface Go

Microsoft sees the "Pokemon Go" naming trend, and decides that that's the best way to brand their latest Surface Tablet, which is unique in it's portability by being the only of the Surface devices which is portable enough to be considered to be a portable device.
Ooooh, Microsoft!


; Meow

View on YouTube

; Do the Twist

Extreme Lego Twisting

; Burger Man

Hurray for Burger Man!

; Juicy Chicken

Mmm, so juicy.

And some Bonus Salad

; Super Diet

Need to lose some weight? Why not try this amazing new diet..


; Too Late

They’re already gone.

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; BorAxtion!

Chemistry is TEH Kewl!

; Dreamcast in QuadDef

Showing off the Redream Dreamcast emulator running at a wonderfully high resolution!


; Outside Disney

What happens to the area outside of DisneyWorld?

View on YouTube

; Not Surprised

Not one of these "surprising" Simpson’s facts managed to surprise me.
... not one...

; Military Diet

Mike begins a "Week On" which seems incredibly hard.

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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... Oh yeah, and we lost the football thing.