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Created : 19 July 2018
Edited : 19 July 2018

#375 - Don't News Around

Weekly Newsletter

; Don't News Around

#375 - Friday 20th July, 2018

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Every Friday, Collecting more YouTube links than is sensible


; Wedding Dates

The official dates for your diaries are..

Dean and Jennie
16th of August, 2018


Neil and Helen
20th of September, 2018

Congrats to both couples

I expect plenty of pics!!!



; Further Happy Flapping

Rychan continues to work on his Flappadiddle clone, and is making some lovely progress with the level designs.

; GIF your Game

Jay finds a really simple way to record and GIF your game. Using only Windows' GameBar, and ffmpeg, you can record an mp4 video and then render it to a .gif
Prepare yourself for an onslaught of ingame gifs!!

; AI Books

Pakz finds a couple of free A.I. books, available online. Great if you want to learn the best practices for doing enemy and NPC stuff.


; Richard Bacon

Ex Blue Peter, Richard Bacon, has had a rather dramatic health scare, leading to him being placed into an endured coma for a good week.
Thankfully things seem ok, and he's now on his way home.

; Ra!

Because new ideas are seemingly impossible, nowadays, they’ve decided to remake SheRa.


; No More Bike Chains

No, nowadays they’re making it so that a MUCH more expensive part can regularly break, which will be completely unfixable by regular folk.

; Who Hype

A teensy weeny little teaser trailer was released during the World Cup Final, because .. football fans really love Doctor Who??!


; Links to the Past

Steve goes roaming around Facebook, and discovers a handful of Amstrad CPC and Miner Willy related groups.

; More Megaer Drive

How to upgrade your MegaDrive


; Tipping

View on YouTube

; Mini Movie

The Last Jedi, but little and done in LEGO!

; Addict

Never gonna give it up!

; Lego Speed!

Not quite as fast as Light Speed.

; Owls!

Owls will poop!

; Click for RickRoll


; Nuggets

This is the third ParryGripp vid I’ve posted here, recently.
Think we can safely say, the kind of corny music vids is back!!


; Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

The problems with a Zat'Nik'tel

View on YouTube

; Musical Challenge

Rob takes a scrawl of Musical noise, and makes something wonderful.

; Sonic's Adventure

All the parts of the Sonic Mania miniseries.

; PostSurgery


; Post Wedding Fixup

A nightmare of video issues causes a headache. How do you make a wedding video with only around 6 minutes of usable footage?


; Lost Signals

Cars be silly!

View on YouTube

; HD Laserdisc

TechMoan takes a look at a HD movie format from 1993!!?
Part Two

; Linus Tour

A more scenic tour through Linus HQ, showing off LOADS of the building.

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



I’m not sure why all the covers seem to be saying they’re doing an Ace of Base cover, because all I remember is this version...



But, hey, what do I know..?

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube







VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube






And, of course..

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