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Created : 09 August 2018

#378 - Sweet News

Weekly Newsletter

; Sweet News

#378 - Friday 10th August, 2018

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; Hello World

About to write the written part of this week's SoCoder Newsletter.
I used to post this late on Fridays, but lately I've found myself sitting in bed on Wednesday Nights compiling all the YouTube links, and that flows into writing the main content to go along with it.
Apologies if that means that it looks a little out of sync with the expected time, but at least you definitely have it in your inbox on a Friday morning
.. Unless you've already sent it to the trash by then, or it's been removed by your spam filter or something.

Word of warning, there's a little bit more Tubeage than usual.
I got hooked on a certain tune!

This week, I've been jumping from project to project.
I've been working on a new Centipong, and as much fun as Centipong is, I can't find anything NEW to do with the game.
Instead, my mind's been wandering. I've tried making a silly webpage, tackled Android Compiles, messed about with Emscripten, created some music, and done a whole lot of other procrastination style bits and pieces along the way.
That may also go some way to explain why there's so much Tubeage in this week's Newsletter.



; Golfing Crazy

Dabz is trying to write a Golf Stat Recorder of sorts, where you can carry the app with you, and it'll keep track of your scores, handicaps and more.
But how on earth do you do Handicaps in a way that is fare for all the different Golfing game lengths?

I'll be honest, this topic's baffled the hell out of me.
I thought I knew what a handicap was, until I read Dabz's posts, and now I'm not even sure I know what a Par is, any more!!!

Celebrity Deaths

; RIP Barry Chuckle

Heroes to many of us 80s kids. The Chuckle Brothers were a staple of BBC Kids TV.
It's impossible to move a piece of furniture without at least one person saying "To Me", such was the widespread love for the Chuckles.
Elder brother Barry passed away this week, and the internet at large is in mourning.

; Vicki Archer

Not as widely well known, but still a celebrity in her own corner of the middle of England.
Vicki was a host of local BBC Radio Shropshire and presented their Drivetime show.


; Dare You Welsh?

Welsh channel S4C have started a Bullseye-But-Cheaper darts/quiz gameshow, and it's rather decent.
People on Twitter seem to be calling for the BBC to expand it.. No idea if they will, though.
If you can handle subtitles, or if you actually speak Welsh, then you might enjoy it.

; More Trekkin'?

Looks like Picard's heading back to our screens.
Hopefully they make it so that the character will still engage with viewers.


; Positive Manic Shooter

"bigsofty" over on the GLBasic forums has posted a video for a vortex shooter. Looks interesting, and it's a lovely showcase for GLBasic.
Socoder Topic

; Giving Up

Jay gives up!


; Takeoff

Destiny gets a birdie

View on YouTube

; Rapping for Success


; Free Fallin'

What happens to an ant when it falls off your roof?

; Magic Cam

8bit Guy delves into the secret world of colour black and white.
(LOL, that url says JNK )

; Netflix

How to use the video rental service


; Mobile Upgrade

LGR upgrades his mobile phone by approximately three and a half inches.

View on YouTube

; Mix’n’Match

Andrew mixes random YouTube samples!

; What is it?

American vs English


; Quantum Update

Explaining Computers does a nice big update on the current state of Quantum Computing.

View on YouTube

; 1701D


; Building

Matt makes a shape out of things he found around the place he’s staying while on holidays.

80s Cover Corner

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Bad dreams are made of cheese.



Who am I to eat the Brie?



I hunt through the fridge but there's nothing to please.



Everybody's looking for cupcakes.



TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 09 August 2018, 13:12

I'll be honest, this topic's baffled the hell out of me.
I thought I knew what a handicap was, until I read Dabz's posts, and now I'm not even sure I know what a Par is, any more!!!

lol, no sweat, you do know what they are, it's probably me describing what I mean wrong... I'll have another crack though...

We'll start with Par... If a par for a course is 72, this is obviously based on totting up each hole's rated par.

This rating states that a professional is expected to clear the hole in that many shots, with 2 of them shots based on putts on the green...

So... A par 3 hole, a pro would tee onto the green, and expect them not to take more then two putts, hence, the par is 3 shots.

A par 4 hole, a pro would have the tee off shot, an approach shot onto the green and the complementary 2 putts on the green.

A par 5 hole, a pro would have his/her tee shot, a middle shot, an approach shot to the green and the default 2 putts on the green.

Now, 18 hole courses tend to float around 70-72 par, it does deviates slightly (I'll explain more in a minute why), but, 72 is generally the magic number for course architects. To get this par, a golf course is designed as such...

Four par 3's
Ten par 4's
Four par 5's

When added up, bosh, you have your 18 hole par 72 course.

There are different deviations of these, you will find some courses reduced their par 5's to long par 4's to take into consideration golfing technology. Easy fix as they can update the tech, but a course is still a course and generally, you cannot really do much apart from ram it with shit to make it tougher, which to be fair, noone wants to do as you dont want to spend all your round looking for your ball in waist deep bushes or constantly have to play out of bunkers deeper then the white cliffs of Dover!

Moving on, these will have different deviations of length each, you'll have your long, medium and short par 3's, same with the par 4's and par 5's... On a true 18 holer, you need to use all your clubs, every aspect of your game gets tested.

So, with that we'll quickly move on to handicapping... I know you know, but handicapping is the system used to give a level playing field in the game, so, someone who, say, plays off 24 (Lets call him Angus) against someone who plays off 10 (Lets call him Bert) gets a 14 shot cushion.

If Angus comes in at the end of his round with 96, and Bert rolls in with an 82, the pair of them have drawn the game based on their handicaps, even though there is a gulf between their scores. They have both played to the best of their ability and both have achieved "par" for their efforts.

This is the idea of it, if Angus on the flip side came in with 90 and his handicap is 24, he got around the course in -6 under par (Absolute excellent round for his ability), but his his new handicap would be 22!

Which means, if he gets his normal 96 again, he's +2 over par... You may think thats not a bad drop, but, it is really, its a big difference to someone that just hit lucky one day and it takes quite a few rounds to settle back to the handicap for his ability... Its in them obviously, but handicaps drop quicker then going back up.

Now, thats based on the UK handicapping system, the USA one is different, most of Europe and the rest of the world use a shared one, but us being British, we use a system where the variables are varied for playing conditions, course conditions etc etc We over complicated it really, but there we are.

Okay, moving on, and the point to my thought in the forum...

Angus, again, plays three rounds on a real 18 holer, he gets 96, 96, 96, this results him floating around +24 over par for his handicap... Fair enough... But... He plays Cockenlodge (9 hole par 29 course) which I mentioned earlier in the forum, he hits a 35 on the front 9, mirrors that to make it up to an 18 (Which then makes his shot count 70)

Working it out again by the three scores: 96, 96 and 70, his handicap gets dropped to +20 over.

Basically, that Micky Mouse round kills him, because +20 over par isnt his ability, if he rocks up with +20 handicap on an 18 holer, he's got an extra 4 shots to find somewhere, and believe me, thats tough!

And the simple reason is that, Cockenlodge doesnt provide the coverage of holes to compare to a big course, there is much larger room for error on a big course then a little one full of par 3's. And, because of this, Cockenlodge doesnt provide values called "course rating" and "slope" rating. Which is used to work out handicaps... So all you have is "par" to work off!

You do have differentials and buffers in working it all out, but generally, and as you can see, and what was my main concern... Playing a wonkie course will reflect terrible on any stats, and handicaps.


Thursday, 09 August 2018, 13:16
*head explodes*
Thursday, 09 August 2018, 13:21

I tried!