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Posted : Saturday, 04 August 2018, 14:45

Golfing stat conundrum...

Just a quickie, see what you fellas think...

Right, I'm writing an app that will, in a small part, track golf scores and shows all of the data as stats, basically one bit takes the rounds, and spits out the usual how many shots, highest score, lowest, average, how many pars/eagles/birdies/cockatoos etc etc

Got all that sorted, peasy, but the thing is, while most people think golf is an 18 hole affair, in fact, you can get 9 hole courses, as well as 12 hole courses believe it or not.

Now 18 holes, thats ya standard golf, 9 and 12, not so much... So, when it comes to tracking these scores with the odd number of holes on the course, I'm thinking the best way to wangle it as I dont want to "stain" the stats or split them up if you get me.

When I say "stain", what I mean is, when you play a 9 hole course, and your handicap gets worked out, they bump the round up to 18 holes by mirroring the scores you got on the 9 you played. Now, this isnt bad for working out handicaps, but when it comes to it, 9 holers are usually par 3 affairs, take this one I frequent on occasion:-


And here's the 12 holer I know: www.shiskinegolf.com/pages.php/course.html

Walked it, never played it, thats how I know it exists!

So, if you are an okay golfer, not the best but not the worst, you might get round an 18 holer in the >90 or <110, lets just say 90 is your lowest on an 18'er. So you play the one above, 9 holes, with the same level of skill, you might get round, at the lowest, >35 or <40!

So you mirror that, and at best you hit a 35, your score based on the mirroring of 9 holes, technically, becomes 70... 20 shots less then if you played a proper course.

So your best round stat would be... 70, never to be beaten again unless your a PGA Pro 10 years from now.

Then theres the birdies, you get two birdies on the 9 holer, mirror it... Theres two ghost birdies to your stats for nothing. Or you could miss the these when incrementing the "finished the hole for [birdie/albatross/crow]' stats, but that doesnt take away the fact that it will still play havoc with the stat system as the numbers wont tally up, and that is the point of statistics, they all have to lead to the same answer.

And I really dont want to start splitting it up into 18 hole stats/9 hole stats/12 hole stats

Fuck knows about 12 holer's, handicapping is fine, it doesnt matter, stats wise, pfffftttt?!?! What to do???

I may be over complicating my thought process on it, its been a rough fortnight and my head is a shed, but, anyone share thoughts... I mean, I could just stick with standard 18 holer, and well, if anyone does pump a course silly numbered hole course in, I cannot stop that, but, I would like something that would work, and be fair, and reflect accordingly.


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Posted : Saturday, 04 August 2018, 14:59
I suppose what isnt helping is how I've wrote the code to handle it... Looking through it, it may need a wiggle and I'll be able to implement it all without faffing... This shouldnt be an issue and I think I've just made it one.

I think I just need a decent rest, its been a long fortnight, thankfully, shut down finishes tomorrow.


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Posted : Saturday, 04 August 2018, 15:53
Fixed it... Honestly, the setup just needed wiggling, a little, but basically, aye... I made myself a mountain out of a mole hill for no reason what so ever and it took about 6 lines of code and two extra variables to wangle it all in!

What a divvy... Stats now add up accordingly, apart from the Low/High/Ave one, they are staying at 18 only!

Time for bed... Night night all!


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Posted : Saturday, 04 August 2018, 17:27
I’m not technically minded in the world of Golf, but ... shouldn’t the Par system already account for that?
I mean, doesnt that already average everything out already?
One over par is still one over par whether it's a par 3 or a par 57.. you’re still "worse +1”...?

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Posted : Saturday, 04 August 2018, 22:36
Yeah, it does, sorta... But, here's the thing, I've been around Cockenlodge in 33 shots before (Note: I do average about 35), which is 4 over par for the course, so double that to 8 over to "pretend" its a full 18 and end up with 8 over, and then I rock onto a big course, say this one I play:-


The yellow tees play at par 70, that means, to match my Cockenlodge round under the par system, I should get 78, which is no where near my level, absolute miles away... On average, that's about 20 shots off give or take a a nudge.

If I log +8 for Cockenlodge, then that'll be it really, because I'll never have the skill level to beat 78 anywhere, okay, I might get a good day, and float to 15+, but its still miles off.

So yes, the par system is there for a reason, but, in this (and my) case, its not a good reflection when applied to some courses.

That was my worry, so what I have done is allow shots taken on all courses regardless of how many holes it has, if they get birdies/pars/etc, they'll be added, but if a course is not a true 18 holer, then the lowest/highest/average wont be tallied unless specifically allowed, so if someone wants to pretend they went round a course in 8+ and be stuck with it forever, they can if it makes them feel better, me personally though, I'd rather have it track actual skill level as true as it can be.


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