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Created : 06 September 2018

#382 - Thing Called News

Weekly Newsletter

; Thing Called News

#382 - Friday 07th September, 2018

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Every Friday, I didn't forget, honest!


; Hello World

I'm currently knee deep in JNKPlat2018's menu system, gradually tweaking the buttons bit by bit.
So far, I've got a vague grid of "Pack" squares inscreen. Each pack has 4 levels, which light up as you complete them, so you eventually end up with a nice lit-up grid.
Until then, though, they're all nice and dark.

I've now been working on this very same menu for about a week.
I hate menus.
I keep procrastinating.

In the time since I started work on this menu, I've written and released Quadoban 2, rejigged a few bits of AGameAWeek.com's layout, and even fixed up my Pixelart to STL exporter.
Anything but work on a smegging menu!!

It would've been nice to have been making levels for the game, in all this time, but I need the menu to access the levels to edit the levels!
This game is getting longer and longer.
And I hate doing menus!!


; Pixelart Extrusion Update

Twitter user, and Tested.com regular @Jerware, asked me if I could upgrade my Pixelart tool to cope with multicoloured exporting, for the purpose of more modern multicoloured 3D printers.
I was happy to oblige, mostly because it meant not having to do that damn menu for a couple of days!

; RPi Problems

Spinal's having some kind of issue, trying to add a screen to an RPi.
If you're an RPi user, or are into your techy portable hardware bits and pieces, be sure to pop by and see if you can help.


; Cases

Steve finds a lovely post, which describes the ease of which you can use a cassette tape's case to hold a mobile phone.
The hardest part would be trying to find a cassette tape's case.
(hint : They're in the "Amstrad" drawer!)

; Fishy News

Rockford reports on a news item that warns about the food we eat.
You never know what could be in there.

; End of the PS2

Sony have finally decided to call it a day on doing PS2 repairs.


; Pixelart Animation Tips

Dabz finds a lovely set of little animated sheets, explaining some great tips for doing pixelart animations.

; Controllers

What controllers are currently (or are easily accessible) hooked up to your PC?

; Dead and Not Buried

I can't imagine how much crap this poor guy must've been going through..


; Mudchat?

Spinal realises the MudChat's not there.
Do we need a new MudChat?
What cool new features would you like to see in a MudChat replacement?

; Printed Puzzles

Jayenkai continues his procrasination with a plan to make some easily printable pen'n'paper puzzles, in a neat little booklet.
Would anyone be interested in such a thing?


; Encounter

View on YouTube

; Retro Gaming

From the time before PD libraries

; Musical Interlude


; Synthesiser.

Displaying some fantastic modular synth sounds.

; Musical Interlude


; Thought of the Day



; Asda Price

Mike does a Week On ASDA Smartprice food.
How on earth will he get on?

View on YouTube

; Photography Skills

How to get the best images from the incredibly powerful camera that you keep in your pocket.


; Superman II

The ultimate review

View on YouTube

; Uri Gellar

Where did it all go wrong?

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube






TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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