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Created : 13 September 2018

#383 - Electric News

Weekly Newsletter

; Electric News

#383 - Friday 14th September, 2018

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Every Friday, Thinking about noodles


; Hello World

Bloody hell, SoCoder's another year older.
12 years, but certainly a lot less broken after it's extreme makeover, last year.

My iPad's Safari is having shitty slowdown issues when typing into the text boxes. It isn’t noticeable until you hit the delete key, but then it stalls and glitches like crazy.
..But it's also doing the same thing on other sites, too, so it's obviously an iOS wide issue.
I really should look into it, though, as it doesn’t seem to happen on AGameAWeek.com, so I’m not sure why it's only happening on SoCoder.


Other than that, there's still that odd occasional layout glitch, and a lacking Mudchat replacement.
The showcase entry stuff could also do with a bit of neat ending up, so it's a bit more usable than just a fuckton of boxes!! But how to do that neatly, and without limiting in the silly ways that other sites do?
It's SO much easier to have a box and let people link to whatever they like, rather than limiting it to things that have to be uploaded.

Lots to think about as we head into another year of everything getting older!!


; Bloobles on Steam

TheRevillsGames has successfully posted his game The Bloobles onto Steam, where millions of people have been playing it for the past week or so!

; Coding Favourites

What are your favourite bits about gamedev?


; Damnit, Apple

Apple go ahead and remove Spinal’s ability to import and export files to his apps!

; Damnit, Apple

Apple show off a new cheaper iPhone.
It ONLY costs $799!


; No Output

Rychan has to cope without a monitor!!
He can GOTO 10..
He just can’t PRINT once he’s there.

; Dabz’ Disaster

Dabz finds himself confused.
Which nozzle is he supposed to shove into his hole?

; Spinal's Job

Looks like Spinal’s managed to get himself a job at a help desk.
As a Help Desk employee, if you need assistance with ANYTHING, Spinal’s now the forum's head question answerer.


; Xmas Thread

What advent calendars will be filling the forum, this Xmas?

; IRL Silliness

Continuing on from last week's plan, Jay begins his adventure into the word of paper and pens.
After a prod from Dabz, he's settled on Foldapuz as the title, and definitely didn’t choose that just because Foldapuz.png is an 8.3 filename!! Jay isn’t sad and pathetic, like that.
He’s now having to code all the bloody puzzles, and an entire website to go along with it.


; Quest of the Compaq

8bit Guy begins his journey to resurrect the deadest of dead computers.

View on YouTube

; Packed

A munchin' adventure

; Musical Interlude


; Power of Mickey

Disney builds a power plant.

; Evil Conspiracy


; Evil Currency



; On the Buses

Geoff and Vicky take a detour from Trains

View on YouTube

; Bumblejumper

Wtf is a Bumblejumper??

; Almost Limitless Storage

The amazing storage solution.

; Old GFX Card, today!

How overclocked can you get?

Choo Choo Tube

; Choo Choo!

View on YouTube

; Choo Choooo!


; Choo Choooooo!


80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

We’ll always bounce together.


However hard it seems.


We’ll always bounce together.


Together in our spike filled dreams.


TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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