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Created : 05 October 2018
Edited : 05 October 2018

#386 - The Server Needs a Doctor

Weekly Newsletter

; The Server Needs a Doctor

#386 - Friday 05th October, 2018

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Every Friday, on a Friday for a change.


; Oops!

Missed my usual Thursday schedule.
This week sure has been busy!!
Last week, I was watching as the site got moved from the lovely Kloudhost server, over to a HostPresto server.
The move ... "worked", but the new server was less than ideal.
A lot of back'n'forth took place, with promises to make things better, but ultimately I decided that it's probably about time to get off my arse and do what HoboBen suggested I do a long long long time ago.#

I spent the next few days setting up a Linode server, and by Sunday I'd transferred the whole site, all the domains, all the databases, and all the other stuff, over to the new Linode server.

Speed wise, the Linode is about half the speed of what the old Kloudhost server was, but is a damn sight better than the crappy HostPresto.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, I'm in the middle of it all, with people who are still with HostPresto after the switch.
Trying my best to keep them calm, suggesting things will "probably" get better..
Watching as HostPresto start sending out this month's invoices to all involved, including myself after I'd already cancelled.
HostPreto's twitter account are desperately trying to fix things, and keep hold of as many customers as they can.
It's certainly been a fun week!!

Perhaps I should've just recommended that everyone leave them, and set up their own servers!!

For the most-part the transition was fairly smooth, all for a few settings which have apparently slowed down everyone's accounts.
"It's definitely not the server", says the Kloudhost tech guys, and I just got a reply in the twitter thread suggesting "last few days have been good. No slowdown, resource issues anymore"
So, all is good on the new host.

But in the meantime, SoCoder, AGameAWeek, Foldapuz and even LittleLever.info are all now safe and secure on the new Linode server
Hopefully I didn't completely fuck up the server setup somewhere, and it all comes crashing down!!

Ooh, the fun..




; JNKPlat 2018

A brand new adventure in the ageless world of JNKPlat.
This version of the game isn't quite finished yet, as I still have to add more levels and build up the editor a little more, but it is at least functional and totally playable!
Run, jump, grab onto things, and collect all the blue spheres for whatever the heck reason Platdude seems to do that.

; Flap Happy

Rychan eeks ever so closer to his NES release.
He's now thinking about powerups!


; Spinal's New Job

Spinal got a job! Yeay!
He's currently in the training stage.
Be sure to wish him good luck in the thread!

; Backing Up

Need to do some proper backups?
Seems like BackBlaze is a somewhat decent solution, offering Terabytes of backup space for a fairly minimal $5 per month.
If you're looking for an off-site backup solution, this might be ideal.


; The Ultimate Dilemma

Is a classic computer still a classic computer if you upgrade it using more recent technology?
How far should you go before a system is no longer what it once was?

; The Doctor is Coming..

2 days to go!!


; High Fidelity

Amazing computer graphics

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Lego in Motion

Turning the Lego up to 11


Home to your region.


; Will it SodaStream

Barry and Ashens dare to find out!

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; Fake Flying Fone


; Moving on

A tale of leaving things behind

; Fun with Batteries

What happens if you connect a couple of 9v batteries together?


; Extreme Makeover C64 Edition

View on YouTube

; Water

Mike drinks nothing but water for a whole month!

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

; RIP Geoffrey Hayes


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VGRemix Corner

; RIP Ben Daglish


I've posted most of these before, but it seemed fitting to repost.

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Top commenter : Ben Daglish






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