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Created : 18 October 2018

#388 - Summer News

Weekly Newsletter

; Summer News

#388 - Friday 19th October, 2018

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Every Friday, Poking Holes


; Summer?

It's certainly not Summer anymore.
I'm not sure how long Autumn's suppsoed to last, but I'm fairly sure we're already in the middle of Winter.
Absolutely bloomin' freezing at night.
"Hold B for Blanket 2"

As such, I was quite surprised last night, when I giant fucking wasp suddenly showed up in my bedroom.
Quite where it came from, I've no idea, but .. Bit creepy.
We might need to investigate further, just to be on the safe side.

Stupid summertime, with its evil creatures and nasty bugs.

Bring on the Snow!
I can always add another blanket if need be.


It's been another silent week on the site.
A few times, this week, I've found myself wondering if the site's broke and inaccessible to folk.
I keep checking the MemberList to ensure people are still visiting.
.. It's very quiet.

I keep considering doing some kind of compo, but realistically there aren't many members left on the site who have the time to join in with such a thing.
And I wouldn't like to do something that only outsiders would join in with. I mean, sure that's nice, fresh blood and all, but I also would like to do something for the current users, too.
But I definitely need to do something.
It's very much been the "Steve and Jay Show", this week, and that's no good. It's too quiet.

.. But what COULD I do? If a compo isn't viable, what else is there?...
... hmmm...

Meanwhile : If you have a voice, please do use it!! Threads only exist if you create them.


; IP Banning

Jay decides to take matters into his own hands, and creates a script that auto-bans all the evil bots that are clambering all over the site.
It seems to be working fairly well, and has already banned a number of bots, as well as keeping the server stats nice and stable.
... to a degree..


; Cat Toys

Steve posts a video about Cat Toys, and wonders if Molly might like such a toy.
.. Molly wouldn't like it.
Molly's boring!


; Adam Buxton meets David Sedaris

A wonderfully funny podcast!
David Sedaris is one of my favourite story-tellers. If you've not listened to his BBC Radio show, I'd highly recommend it..
... Except it's not available on the iPlayer, right now.
But this Podcast is available, and it's worth a listen.


; How Are You?

Occasionally, I like to post a topic all about life in general, and hear everyone's tales of home.
Why not join in, and let us all know how you're doing!

Bonus Link

; Gremlin

An archive of everything Gremlin Graphics


; Dragons


View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude

Beware the Hipsters

; The Last Jedi

A masterpiece, of a master failure?

; Karaoke Party



; Cancelled Shenmue Remake

Before Shenmue HD, there was Shenmue HigherD

View on YouTube

; Retro PC

Intel send Linus a retro PC


; Anomalous Materials

A lovely reimagining.

View on YouTube

; TimeLoop

And again

; Musical Interlude

Andrew and Rob write and create a 10 track album in the space of only 10 hours.
This is the making of...
And this is the result.

; The Falcon

Atari's forgotten computer

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube






TVCover Corner

View on YouTube





VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube






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