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Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 04:08

Checking In - October 2018

Just doing a semi-frequent checkin topic.

How is everyone?
How's health, work, and life in general?

I'm currently down with flu-symptoms again, for the third time this month. Not sure what that's about. Might have to start analysing external factors.
Mum's off to London at the weekend for my cousin's engagement party, so she's been busy all week getting herself ready. Clothes shopping, Hairdo, etc.etc.
Meanwhile, Molly's avoiding everyone as per usual... Grumpy Cat has nothing on Molly!!

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Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 04:26
Same old, different days... Coding concentration completely down the pan, loads of fatigue. After years of knowing that , on top of the Tourette's being diagnosed back in 2012, the mental health psychiatrists have now finally properly the diagnosed ADHD and Autism side of the story last month. It's been kind of known for years, but a lot of the time GPs don't seem to give a shit and take their time with referrals and stuff. Waiting for follow-up appointments to be confirmed so that the right smarties, and dosages, can be prescribed for the ADHD, with a bit of luck that might make me a bit more normal and be able to deal with stuff in a better way.

Once the final write-up has been sorted the next step is telling the DVLA about my condition, not that anything's any different considering I've been driving quite safely since 1991. Need my doctor to give me the correct info to put on the form so that they don't wind-up banning me from driving, although I drive shitloads better than most people that have no mental heath issues whatsoever.
Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 04:33
How's your walking and balancing been lately Jay, has it been getting any better matey?
Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 04:36
I've not been outdoors for a good few weeks, what with all these flu symptoms. Balance is bad enough, but when my left ear keeps popping, it's infinitely worse!!
Been sticking to the treadmill and little pedal doohickey for the meantime.
I'm hopeful that once the flu symptoms subside, the balance will return to it's normal-broken status, instead of the current well-broken mode!

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Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 04:42
I'm surprised that some sort of gyroscopic implant hasn't been invented for people with balance problems. *Hmmm!... Maybe I should patent that idea!*
Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 05:39
Keeping busy with work, dogs and Lego Star Wars!

I've been creating and building custom BrickHeadz figures of the main SW characters/aliens/villains and have about 30 now. These are placed appropriately next to the vehicle, building etc. that they are associated with from the movies. Well most of them are, some are still waiting to be completed so are guarding my lounge!

Here are a few of the first ones I did (these were WIPs when I took the photo, a few months back, but are complete now).

I've got most of the UCS Star Wars vehicles and droids set up in my spare room. I'd take a few pictures, but I fucked my phone yesterday. Lovely diagonal crack down the screen, which means the touchscreen no longer works. It's amazing - the tempered glass I put on the front is absolutely fine, but the screen below is shit.

I had a cold throughout last week, but it's pretty much gone now. It wasn't enough to prevent me from going to work, but I still felt like shit.

And yes, still working. I haven;t won the lotto just yet.
Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 08:09
Awesome!!! *except the Lotto bit
Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 08:49
I'm okay at the moment, sometimes kinda dizzy though which is a bit worrying, I should probably drink more water to fix that I reckon.

Work's busy and asking for things within a moments notice which I'm not keen about as it mean I'm having to update stuff on my day off again, colonoscopy has been pushed back a few days which I'm kinda glad about. Wifey's all good, Kids are awesome, we updated a bunch of furniture and I've bought ymself a special secret something so all my savings for the year a wiped out but, that's life!

Not found much time for coding my own projects of late, need to actually dedicate an hour or something possibly, dunno.

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

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Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 17:08
My stepfather his funeral was this thuesday. It has now been 10 days since he died. It has been difficult sometimes but I am settling into a more regular rythm.

Yesterday we started taking care of all the work that comes with a death. The donations from friends and family for the gravestone have not been bad. This wil have to be taken care of when the ground has set in which wil be in about 2 months time.

I have been taking care of the housekeeping at my mothers place. Yesterday I also ordered a bruce Lee Power Tower for my moms house which I put together today. I thought I could get my mind of things while using it. Putting it together took about 2 hours. I did some exercises today and noticed I really need to train to be able to use it the way I want. I was not in shape for these specific exercises(I am a little bit chaotic in my schedules)

No programming or any creative computer time. No idea when I wil get back to that.
Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 17:58
I went through all that five years ago, my dad collapsed and died right in front of me, they got his heart going again only for me to watch the life support be switched off two days later. It takes time to heal, you'll never forget but it will get easier over time mate.
Posted : Thursday, 18 October 2018, 04:32
Keeping myself busy seems to help for the most part. I stil have those wtf moments when I realize he is not here.

Yesterday I got all in with exercising on the tower and now I feel sore. The dips seem to be making new mussles at the back of the neck mum says to keep going at it since in the army they get in shape in six weeks. The manual says take one day of the week rest.
Posted : Friday, 19 October 2018, 20:28
Overall things are going pretty well, I'm finally moving onto a new project at work, I've tried 3 times to get off it over the past 2 years... I've been on the current project for 12 years! Looking forward to learning new tech: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Open Stack, Mule 4 etc

And we've paid off our mortgage which is a great relief, for a Yorkshire-man I hate been in debt! Took 9 years and we put heaps of extra repayments onto the house

Health wise... bit weird actually since last December when I stood up for more than 10 mins my left ear would start to have pressure in it and then I needed to sit down... after a few months (yeah, I'm one of those guys who wont go to the docs!) my right ear started doing the same... and now my sinuses are feeling block but can see breath okay thru my nose, and I get the pressure feeling in my ears even when sitting now

So finally went to the docs a few months ago, he tried lots of different meds which didnt help and gave me headaches, sent me to an ENT specialist but that didnt help neither... now next month I'm off to a maxillofacial specialist!! :/
Posted : Saturday, 20 October 2018, 01:06
Great news on the mortgage. That'll be a huge weight off the mind.. and wallet!!

Hopefully they can figure out the ear thing.

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Posted : Friday, 26 October 2018, 12:57
Bit late to the party, but still... *emerges from lurker shadows*

Life is generally good. Just passed two years in my (games industry) job, which has flown by. Lots of coding in the day has meant much less coding in my free time... or maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe the latter. Currently getting back into a spare time coding project, having started it then quickly put it on hold after running an online forum-based RPG for a bunch of uni friends for 3 months, which ate all my free time and then some!

A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away...

Keep It Simple, Shroom!
Posted : Friday, 26 October 2018, 13:58
They're not giving you 100 hour weeks, I hope!!

I totally understand your need to "not code" after a long day's coding. I find myself doing music, spritework, or sometimes anything at all, to stop the constant coding throughout the day. But I'm glad that you're still hanging around, and that things are going ok for you.

Lovely to hear from you!

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Posted : Friday, 26 October 2018, 16:18
Nope, the hours where I work are fortunately quite reasonable!

A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away...

Keep It Simple, Shroom!