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Created : 01 November 2018

#390 - News Flag

Weekly Newsletter

; News Flag

#390 - Friday 02nd November, 2018

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Every Friday, Dishing out Waffle


; Hello World

Been a rough week.
I had my flu jab last week, and.. would you believe it.. I ended up with flu symptoms for about the third time this month.
Thankfully it only lasted about a day, but even still... Stupid jabs..

I've been endlessly battling with a bunch of spambots, spiders, and even a content-duplicating crawler on the server, this week, but I think I've finally managed to get it all settled down to a moderately decent amount of spambots.
The fake login box is fairly fun to watch, as you can see various spambots trying to figure out what the heck it is, trying a few random usernames (usually the root/admin variety) and then ultimately getting themselves banned for a short while.
Over the course of doing this, I'm happy that the sheer confounded methods that I use have lead to the bots getting confused as to what's actually running on the server.
I'm certainly thankful that I no longer have Wordpress running, because... FUCK, you should see how many hack attempts are directed at broken and flimsy Wordpress plugins.
I knew it was bad, but having the entire server to myself means I get to see the full extent of the various hack attempts.

That's definitely one of the takeaways from all of this.
If you're installing ANYTHING onto your server, double check everything that it does, and don't take for granted that it's secure "just because everyone else uses it".


; Monkey2 Coding

Pakz has found a nice screen-capture method, and has started recording his Monkey2 based development sessions.


; Nintendo Direct

Another big Smash-focused Nintendo Direct is about to hit, and Pakz seems to think it might include the N64-Mini reveal.
I guess it's possible, and in fact they might even make it a "And you can also buy the original Smash Bros on the N64 Mini!" announcement.
Who knows.
All I know is that I want to know what the single-player Smash Ultimate is going to be. And it'd better not be the shit game-board thing that was in the WiiU version.
God, that was shit..

; Meanwhile...

Sony have released the full list of games that'll be coming on their PS1 Mini.
A nice selection, but so many missing greats..
To be fair, the PS1 collection was so wide and varied that they could never have whittled it down to just 20 games without upsetting.. ... everyone!!


; Image Size

Dan posts some old Blitz2D/3D code that reads the file information of various image formats to find the image width and height without having to load the image into memory.
The code is rejigged from some code that Graham Plumb originally posted back in 2003, but Dan's tweaked a few fixes and things to get it a bit more up to date.

For what it's worth, and because people occasionally ask, I haven't uploaded the BlitzArchive stuff because I don't think it's "right" to do so without permission.
People who originally posted code to BlitzCoder or BlitzBasic/Max sites posted them there, not to SoCoder.

If you guys want to post things, then that's moderately ok, as long as you give accurate credits and maybe actually fix things and not just straight-up repost them.
If you can find the original creator, give up to date credits/links/etc, then that's even better.
And if you can get in touch with them to ask them to post the content themselves, then that's definitely a good way to do it.
It's always better that the originator has "control" over their own content.


; HD Willy

Steve points us to a HD willy video, but I had to squint to see it.
That Willy's too small.

Bonus Link

; Helium!

Of all the things to break a phone...!


; Floppy Willies

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; Musical Interlude


; Fatherhood


; Musical Interlude



; Video Technology

How the BBC helped to develop PAL to NTSC conversion technology, in the early days of videotape.

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; Magic

A Most Excellent effect


; Buy it All!

An antique shop owner buys an antique shop

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Part Two

Music Cover Corner

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TV Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Tuesday, 20 November 2018, 06:57

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