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Created : 08 November 2018

#391 - How News is Your News

Weekly Newsletter

; How News is Your News

#391 - Friday 09th November, 2018

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Every Friday, Forgetting to do the Newsletter again.


; Hello World

Whoops! Forgot to do this, again.
I normally finish off the newsletter on a Thursday morning, but this morning I woke up and went "OK, let's finish JNKPlat!!"

I've made the last few levels, and tweaked all the minor issues I've found, and pretty much everything's ready to go....

.. except I should really replay all the levels, search for issues, tweak the graphic themes for some of the level packs and .. then it's done!!
I think!

The online level database doohickey is working as well as expected, and as long as the server doesn't collapse under the weight, all should be golden!!

Nearly there.
.. only took 2 months..!!

Feeling very NeonPlat Adventures, right now..


; Mouse Functionality

Steve takes some time to make a Mouse-GUI set of functions in C#.
I haven't looked at the code. I fell out with Microsoft's dev tools a long long time ago.

; Mouse Tracking

Spinal wants to do some secret mouse tracking, and it all sounds rather sinister, up until he reveals the true purpose.



Pakz' Mum gets screwed over by paperwork


; Magazines are Over

GamesTM and GamesMaster magazines are both being scrapped, as the world continues to read things online. Print is dead.


; Road NotRash

Jay plays a lovely recreation of the Road Rash franchise

; Play NotPlay

Steve finds another murderous game that players shouldn't play.
Maybe Steve should make a super hard game!!


; WinEmu

Pakz finds a website that emulates old Windows editions in the browser.
7MB for a Win95 installation? Foooooo....

; BlitzQuirk

Dan finds a bug in Blitz.

Cletus Clay

; Memories!!

Who remembers Anthony Flack's wonderful Platypus, the amazing Claymotion game created in Blitz, right back in the early days of Blitz2D/3D..?
And who remembers the unfinished Cletus Clay?
Well, look who popped back up on Twitter, this week!


; Logo Complete

After plenty of planning, the logo artist gets to work.

View on YouTube

; Take My Photo


; Bond


; Fwoooosh


; Cleaning the Car

Make it shiny!


Big bear, coming to get ya!


; PlayMobil do Ghostbusters

Awww, man, I would've killed for this as a kid!

View on YouTube


; 10 Poke 0,0

It's fun to poke fun at disastrous failures

View on YouTube

; BlockBuster Park

What could've been...

70s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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