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Created : 28 November 2018

#393 - Holding on for a Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

; Holding on for a Newsletter

#393 - Friday 30th November, 2018

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Every Friday, or maybe not!


; Farewell

Busy couple of weeks.

Last November, my cousin's marriage fell apart. School romances don't always manage to get all the way to the alter, and Steph's didn't get much further than a couple of years after that.
For the past year, we've had her staying with us, living in the spare bedroom.

Today, she's preparing to go her own way. Having saved up over the past year, she's managed to find a decent apartment closer to work, and today's the day of the big move.

It's been, as you might imagine, somewhat hectic. She and her parents are having to shift practically half a house's worth of stuff, from the little bedroom, all the way to Wigan.
As I write this, she's still to come back for a few more things, and then...

.. it'll be back to just me and Mum again.

Definitely a different kind of year!


And then, just like a house from a Soap Opera, the bedroom won't be empty for long. My sister's packed in her job in Nottingham, found a new job in Liverpool, but will be staying with us over Xmas, until the new job is "ready"

Always something going on at JNKHouse!


It's Advent time at SoCoder, and things kick off on Saturday with the Advent of Creativity.
The challenge, should you wish to join in, is to post one new creative thing, every day over Advent.
Create anything you wish, but keep up the posting!
It's a desperate attempt to make the site look busy, so be sure to join in with any content you're creating.


; Rychan Ready

Rychan's game has hit the production line.
Grab your GameBoy, and prepare for launch!


; Foldapuz Unfolded

If you've been enjoying my daily pen'n'paper puzzle generator, you might be interested in trying out the recently built Unfolded version, which can be played on a mobile device, giving endless hours of scribbling insanity.

...and now that I've figured out how to actually do that in a half decent way...


The giant hamsters are preparing to takeover the world, and NASA have just given them the perfect vehicle to attack the evil rats.
Steve wonders who gets to keep the camera..?

; Meanwhile

Back on earth, the web destroyers are at it again.
Perhaps they really dislike spiders...


; Kimba Returns

Disney's trend of making live action remakes stretches the term "live action" beyond breaking point.
Awww, but .. so cute!!!!

; Pikaaaa

Meanwhile, The trailer for Detective Pikachu results in similar awwwwing!


; Grab a Bike


View on YouTube

; Commercial Break

Go Skate


; Scammer

A man investigates a scammer.

View on YouTube

; Disc of Britain

A look at the epic result of a massive BBC project.


; The Case of the Guitar

Adam Savage makes a guitar case for Eric Idle

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Skip to 19:30 for the Amiga Medley

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