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Created : 13 December 2018

#395 - News Way

Weekly Newsletter

; News Way

#395 - Friday 14th December, 2018

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Every Friday, Realising that next week's newsletter is actually the Xmas newsletter... foooooook!!


; Deeper Bass

Had to buy some new headphones. The old pair of AppleBuds we're doing that crackly thing that cheap earphones do when they're cooking out.

Since I'm too much of a cheap skate to bother with decent headphones, i simply ordered another pair of AppleBuds from Amazon.
.. I'm not 100% convinced they're the real deal, as they sound a fair bit more bassy than the previous pair. Either that or the previous pair had already died a long time ago, and I'd been listening to bassless music for the majority of the past couple of months..
No idea!

Still, they do sound nice and full, and quick "playing a beep over the range of KORG Gadget" test suggests they've got a decent range.
They'll do!!

I've spent most of the past day or two going through my music collection listening to the differences, and it's fun to find new pleasure I'm old tracks.

Always a fun time, new headphones, even if they are just cheapsss AppleBuds. .. although I'm sure HoboBen will lynch me for saying that!


We're now halfway through the SoCoder Advent of Creativity, and what wonderfully interesting things are being made!
It's certainly not been an easy task, and even I've been struggling to come up with something that's actually "creative" each day. It's pushing my abilities to breaking point!

I quite like Shroom_Monk's idea of taking this time to learn a new skill. That seems to be working out really well, and it's an easily reusable skill, too.
Meanwhile, Rychan's hoping to bundle all of his content together into a more substantial end result, and other members are managing to chip in whenever they find the time.

I'm eternally grateful that this has been something you've all joined in with.
I half expected it to just be me, as per bloomin' usual.
So thanks to you all
It's been fun!

I'd like to do this again, next year, but first we've still got the other half of this year's to get through.

To the creativity boards!!



; Audio Glitching

Spinal's having audio issues, and thinks that a little smoothing of the data might help things along.
Jay's overcomplicated the whole thing in his head, but Krakatomato's still convinced it can be accomplished with a simpler fix.
What do you think?
Are you an audio-code expert?

; HTML5 Target

Jay finally gets Emscripten to work in a half decent manner, and manages to get the majority of his 2018 Framework running in the browser.
... about damn time, there, Jay... You've already created a 2019 folder!!


; Beer or Wine?

What's your tipple? And does Xmas make a difference?

; EpicSteam

Epic are targeting Valve, and aiming to take the reign as "The default game store on a Windows machine."
Microsoft sit, wondering why the hell nobody uses their store, but rubbing their hands with glee as they realise the power that their big "for security" switch holds.


; NanoKey

Pakz buys a Bluetooth KORG Midi keyboard to go with his iPad and all the wonderful KORG apps. They really are nice little keyboards, and go nicely alongside the apps.

View on YouTube


; Time Zones

And how they work

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Swimming with Mary

It's all just effects.

; A Dog's Breakfast

If you haven't yet seen the movie A Dog's Breakfast, starring Mars, now might be the time to seek it out.
It's not available with Prime or Netflix subscriptions, but is available to buy or rent from most streaming services, and/or alternative methods.


; Prepare for Maths!

GameHut Guy shows us the chaotic maths that a Sega Saturn chip could do.

View on YouTube

; This is a story all about how...

Will Smith got screwed by the IRS

; Geoff Makes an Announcement


; Sound Design

Andrew works on Sounds


; VegaScam

The biggest gaming Kickstarter scam EVER!!!
(Note, contains blurry circle. I don't think they're uploading a fixed version...)

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90s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 13 December 2018, 10:40

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