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Socoder -> Art and Sound -> Korg nanokey studio

Posted : Saturday, 08 December 2018, 08:02

Korg nanokey studio

There was a happy hour sale at my favourite online music store. A chance to get your order for free. I decided to order a nanokey studio.

This is a small control unit with knobs and pads and keys and buttons to control your daw. Being from korg it is ready for use with korg gadget. I just tried it for a while and it seems to work pretty well. It does feel a bit like plastic. After turning it on gadget reports it found and then you link it through the settings menu. No problemo. 2x aaa batteries or usb power the device.

A number of gadgets seem to have only a few knobs assigned. The delay (adjustible) with bluetooth until now seems unnoticble. For creating chords the keys work nice. There is a xy pad with different settings too. The music trigger notes are velocity sensitive. There are pads to trigger drums or chords also. But with the drums there are not enough pads on the studio device. The regular note keys can be used though.

I am now starting to watch a tutorial video to learn more.

So far I think I got something nice.
Posted : Saturday, 08 December 2018, 08:11
I bought a Microkey Air 25 (Just the keys and a joystick, no knobs or drums) about a year or two ago, and...
Yeah, it's ok. It works well, and does exactly the job intended.
Unfortunately, I've just found myself "better" at plopping down notes in Gadget, rather than trying to attempt to play things.
It's been mostly unused except for the occasional "twiddling to find a tune" moments!

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Saturday, 08 December 2018, 08:31
I always had trouble with creating/finding chords while editing. Keys wil hopefully help now. I mostly got the studio for tweaking the instruments itself. Turning knobs and using the xy pad to get a better sound is a lot easier.

I have a small table in front of me and the ipad and nanokey fit exactly.

Here the overview/tutorial video I just watched.

View on YouTube

The nanokey studio was/is not cheap though. I paid 122 euro’s for it.