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Created : 24 January 2019

#400 - 400?!

Weekly Newsletter

; 400?

#400 - Friday 25th January, 2019

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Every Friday, 400 and counting


; Hello World

Oh fuck, 400?
This one sneaked up on me, and I literally only just realised as I started writing it.
Apparently I can't count, as last week was #399, and I really should've noticed. But no...
So, there's nothing big and magical, I'm afraid.


Happy 400th Newsletter!


; Quick Tweaks

Apparently when I changed the random number generator a few weeks ago, I inadvertantly broke the times on the sidebars.
Who saw those two being interconnected!!
That's PHP for ya!
The sidebars are now functioning correctly, and the polls are now back to refreshing at about 6/7am again, like they used to be.
What other curious issues might appear in future.
Stay tuned to find out!!!

; Peeking at Bytes

Pakz is reading up on a lot of coding techniques, lately, and has written a demo in Monkey2 that shows off a way to do quick tile-lookups, using a binary storage technique.
Useful in oodles of ways, and adaptable to multiple scenarios, this is one of those handy tips that keep on tipping!


Pakz also seems to have been enjoying generating sprites, this week, and has come up with a couple of nice techniques.

; Trees

The first generator makes a bunch of trees.
He states he's unsure as to how to generate a stump for the trees.
Whenever I generate trees, I just plonk a big brown cylinder at the bottom. Tends to do the trick!

; Splodgy Maps

The second generator makes maps or "paintings" by splodging a series of around the scene.
A nice enough technique, but needs a bit more colour added for a better effect, I reckon.

Incidentally, I also added map/planet generation to my Sprite Generator tool, this week, and it seems to be up to about the same standard, but with a bit more colour.
The simple effect of randomizing the darkness of the splodges, seems to give a much more "ground-like" effect.
.. But it also has the side effect of making the points of the splodges a bit more apparent when scaled up.

Of course, neither mine nor Pakz's effort are anywhere near as "formed" as Hoboben's awesome "Hero Extant" world generator from a few years back, but there's no longer any sign of that on the site.


; Chocolate, Cheese and Rock(ford)

Rockford starts a discussion about foodstuffs.
I might not want rocks on my pizza, but I'm not really sure I was chocolate on it, either.


; Print For Spinal

Spinal wants a couple of little bits printed off.
If you've got a 3D printer, and haven't completely fucking wasted it by leaving the "ink" to rot away in the corner of the room for the past year, then maybe you can help him out.

; Name That Game

In another thread, Spinal is left wondering what the name of an old game is.
An old Windows or Dos game, with the player running around a giant planetoids.. Seems like a neat kinda game.
The game sounds not entirely unlike my Platdude in Space game, so if anyone can dig it up, I'd love to see how it played.
... Not that I'd pinch ideas. ... Nah!!


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; Musical Interlude


; Recycling

So... what DOES happen?

; Mousse


; Musical Interlude


; Moose



; Who Says London's Expensive!?

Geoff travels 10 miles for £1.50
Meanwhile, if we want to travel from Little Lever to Bolton, around half that distance, it costs us £3.50.

View on YouTube

; Four Artists, One Sample

Andrew and his mates make different tracks using the same sample.


; Man Buys a House

... a house full of crap!!

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Part Two

80s Cover Corner

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LOL.. that url has JNK in it!!




TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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; Moose



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Friday, 25 January 2019, 02:25
Yup, public transport is priced weird.

£2 to go 3 miles in Torbay, yet also, £1.60 to go 7 miles in Torbay, just depending on the route.