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Created : 14 February 2019

#403 - Don't You Want News

Weekly Newsletter

; Don't You Want News

#403 - Friday 15th February, 2019

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Every Friday, Shuffling Cards


; Hello World

As I type this, I'm sitting waiting for the Nintendo Direct to start. (Wednesday night, starts at 10pm GMT, it's currently 9:35)
Hopefully there'll be at least 6 hours of Animal Crossing footage.

-=-=- Later..

Fucksake, no Animal Crossing?!

Still, the Tetris99 is quite fun to play.
I'm not convinced that it's Live, though. I reckon it's more a case of AI/Recorded players going on in the background.
Either way, though, it's a nice little experience, and if you're signed up to Nintendo Online Disaster, you can play it for free, which is nice.

.. Would've preferred standard Gameboy Tetris on VirtualConsole, mind..


; New MultiGame Project

Jay decides that, since AGameAWeek and Foldapuz seem to be co-existing fairly well, he might as well add another game collection into the mix, and begins coding a brand new Javascript-based framework designed for Card games, Board games, and other "Tabletop" style things.
Jay is absolutely fucking mental.


; You're Fired!

How do you celebrate your most profitable year on record?
Fire a bunch of the staff!!
It's the Activision way.. .. /EArse/Squinnicks/Take200000/Everyone Else


; Steve Bak

Steve Bak created Robocod, and many more wonderful games that you grew up playing.
Steve passed away on Thursday.

; Carmen Argenziano

Carmen played Samantha Carter's Father on SG1, and has also played a huge number of other characters in numerous TV Shows and Films.
Carmen passed away on Sunday.

; Gordon Banks

Gordon played football. He was the one with gloves.
Gordon passed away on Monday.


; Tummy Troubles

Rychan struggles to get much coding done, due to Bad Chinese.
Nothing worse than Bad Chinese.

; Sneezing for England

Steve comes down with a bout of the ManFlu, and apparently has a fight with a donkey.


; Angry Swearing Jay

Google, who should know better, have gimped their iOS version of Chrome with one of the most moronic issues, ever.
What sort of Browser can't handle the fact that a keyboard might pop up?
I mean, seriously, just shrink the window.height so the keyboard fits. It's probably, like, 2 lines of code or something.
To think that a company with as much internet-knowhow as Google could simply not do such an extremely basic task, is beyond comprehension.

Please note, if you visit SoCoder with a "criOS" app (Chrome on iOS) you'll get a ludicrously oversized blank bit at the bottom of every single page with an input box.
That's literally the only solution I could come up with, and .. I'm at a loss as to why Google would've done such a stupid thing.
I mean, seriously, wtf!?!


; Crush a Grape

They're bringing back Crackerjack!
This really can't go well, can it!?

; Yesterday

An interesting looking movie with an interesting looking premise, which isn't a sequel or a remake or anything like that!
But it's got tons of Beatles music in it, so it's bound to be a hit.


; The Airport

View on YouTube

; Neckage

How thick is the neck?

; 50

Can you count to 50?

; State of it..



; Baffling Bananas

View on YouTube


; Studio Tour

Brent Butt shows us around his garage!

View on YouTube

; Warming Up

TechConnections has an issue with his heater.
Part Two

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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