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Created : 28 March 2019

#408 - Just Can't Get Enough News

Weekly Newsletter

; Just Can't Get Enough News

#408 - Friday 29th March, 2019

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Every Friday, Waiting


; Hello World

As things start to get back to a vague sense of normality, the coding seems to be speeding back up, and the family are getting back to their default routines.
We're still waiting news on the funeral, at which point everyone will have to regroup. Both my sisters have headed back home, and will need to return to the Bolton area once we get word on a date, no doubt stopping here for a day or two.

It's strange to be sitting and waiting for such a thing. Not hearing any news, nothing more is happening.. just .. waiting.
The unknown can be eerie, sometimes.

Stay safe, everyone.


; One Monday in March

Rychan has an exceedingly productive day, as the pieces of his game start to fall neatly into position, and it all starts to look (and sound) a little more polished.

; Marching Shoebox

Meanwhile, Jay continues to bulk up his Shoebox project, adding a Match-3, a Yahtzee, and a Connect Four.
All the stolen ideas, all in one growing compendium of theft!

; Playing with Balls

Goodness knows what Spinal's trying to do, but it involved Trackballs, Mouses and RGB colours.


; All The Stations

At 7pm (or thereabouts) on Thursday 28th March, All The Stations returns to YouTube.
Geoff and Vicky are currently making their way through every station in Ireland. Southern first, and then Northern towards the end.
They're promising a YouTube video every day for about 2 weeks, charting their progress around the island.
If you follow them on Faceboom/Twitter, you can get occasional live videos, too!
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Instagram. They're all over the internet, and all over the Ireland!
Be sure to join them in their adventures.

Mum's looking forward to the end of the trip, which should be (if we're right) ending in Larne, Mum's home town.


; Free DAW

In my days, they'd be called a "Music Program", but nowadays they're a Digital Audio Workstation. </GrumpyOldMan>
Pakz finds a free opensource "Music Program" for doing musical stuffs on your desktop.

; Idiotic Purchase of the Month

Jay buys a Samsung Galaxy Tablet..?


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; Blockbusters

When I think of Quiz Show Channel, I think of..
.... anything but Comedy Central.
What the hell??!

; 3D Rolling Things


; Musical Interlude


; LEGO Copter

How much oomph can you get from a LEGO propellor?


; Love Me!

Mickey meets a new pal.

View on YouTube

; Barry's Hat

Nom nom nom. Taco hat!!


; Cartoon Time

The history of Hanna-Barbera

View on YouTube

; Demastered

When HD Remasters go horribly horribly wrong.

; Movie Time

A number of years ago, Mike Jeavons ("Week on" guy) made a movie, with Ashens ("Brown Couch" guy) and a number of other folk who you may or may not recognise.

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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Your favourite cover artist

..here's the original music video!
"Would you like to be in our music video?... ... .. oh.. .. can we at least use your likeness in the video? .. it's ok, we have a plan!!"

VGRemix Corner

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