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Posted : Monday, 25 March 2019, 11:00

Galaxy Tab 10 A

To be more specific, a Galaxy Tab A 2018, 10.5, SM-T590

Comparison with iPad 10, 2017 (iirc!)

(Looking not entirely unlike a controllerless 3DS)

iPad bottom, SGT10A on the top.

Screen, assuming Landscape, roughly the same height as the iPad, but is marginally wider.
Resolution, 1920x1200, a bit smaller than the iPad 2048x1536, and although it IS wider, it oddly isn't a standard ratio. Not sure what that's all about!

More Specs


Seems alright

Can play Shoebox of Games at a decent speed, and can load my 2017 games, but I stripped out all the Touch code from those, so will have to find a Bluetooth controller to get into the debug info!!

Plays WarioWare Twisted. This is good enough for me!

The amount of "Samsung" hooked in apps is horrific, and the fact that there's barely any difference, functionally or in style, between the Samsung copycat apps, and the also installed default Google apps, really does make you wonder why the hell they even bother..
I mean, what could they actually hope to achieve, except maybe.. STEALING ALL OF YOUR DATA!!!!

Spent a couple of hours stripping away the bullshit, getting things feeling "normal" and preparing for a good play.
I might try out a few Androidy music apps, to see if any take my liking..

My previous Android Test Device is an ASUS thing from about 2015 or maybe earlier.
I switched it on, the other day, to test Shoebox, and.. dear god, it's slow as fuck!!!

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Monday, 25 March 2019, 12:10
I bought flstudio mobile for android. It is pretty good imo.
Posted : Friday, 29 March 2019, 09:49
I was looking at these tablets yesterday. I was wondering if they can run the scripted amiga emulator at full speed. I checked the ipad 2018 with this one and only dips to 110%+/- every now and then but mostly runs a1200 demo's at full speed, but no sound!

My 7th generation intel laptops were the first computers I had that were able to run the scripted amiga emulator at full speed.

I was warned yesterday that the new ipad air's might have that problem as with the recent pro's were they would bend(heat) or be bend out of the box. Apple seemed to be repairing or replacing these for around 500 dollars and sometimes as warranty with no costs.