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Created : 20 June 2019

#420 - Love To Hate News

Weekly Newsletter

; Love To Hate News

#420 - Friday 21st June, 2019

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Every Friday, Typing Furiously


; Shhhh

This time of year's typically quiet in the forum. Not sure why that is, but typically I end up waffling a lot more in the newsletter, each week, around June/July.
I reckon it's the lull between the excitement of E3, and the time that we actually see the results of the wonderful things we were promised.

I had a weird dream, last night, about the apparent new Switch Mini that may or may not appear.
I bought one.
It cost the same as a regular one, and didn't really do anything new or exciting, and I sat there staring at it, and wondered why the hell I'd bought it, when I have a perfectly good Switch sitting there, already.

This is as exciting as my dreams are, nowadays.
There is literally nothing exciting going on!!

Mario Maker 2's out next week.. So, there's that, I guess..

Might as well just keep on coding, then, eh?


; Browsercade

Jay intends to give himself even more sodding things to do.
A Javascript based engine, like the one for Shoebox, but rewritten with a more "gamey" interface.
Jay's spent the past couple of days doing menus. ... And Jay hates doing menus..
Next, he has to tackle redefineable controls, because Joypads in the browser are even more broken than Joypads in Windows!!

Jay is currently wondering what the hell is in his coffee..


; AMOS 2

Francois has posted a video, formally announcing his intent to focus 100% on AMOS2 from August, after he leaves his current job.
Might be a good time to relearn all those oldskool AMOS quirks, like loading images into variables, instead of linking variables to loaded images!
There's certainly a lot of interest on the Facebook group, and people are already using the current beta version to make some nice little test projects.


; Nom vs Vom

Rockford continues to munch his way through a box of Japanese Treats.
An exciting week, full of Cheese, Beef and more besides.


; Sinha's Parkinson's

Paul Sinha (The Chase) has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

; Snap, Crackle and Stronger Pop



; Futuristic

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; Don't skip this


; Ordering a drink

Man walks into a bar...

; An Epic Collection of Games

Who could argue?


; Geordi Gets Crapped-On

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; Can hAve Be Gooden Englings?

Dave the BandOfTheBoy having tested.

; All About The Bass

Hiring Fiverr Bass players

; Zelda Rumours

The Zelda rumours are all kicking off, with people picking at BOTWs sequel's trailer.


; Fraggles!

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; Glitch in The Matrix

What would YOU do, if rewriting The Matrix Sequels?

; Converting a Tesla


80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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