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Created : 27 June 2019

#421 - Sometimes, News

Weekly Newsletter

; Sometimes, News

#421 - Friday 28th June, 2019

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Every Friday, Failing to come up with something amusing to write here.


; Hello World

Another week has flown by.
Where's the time going?

I keep putting it off, but at some point in the next month or so, I really need to start making plans for Xmas releases.
I used to do nice big Advent Collextions, but haven't really had any time for them, what with my seemingly addictive pattern of scrapping Frameworks and doing a whole lot of the same work over and over and over again.
This year, I probably should aim to do something a bit more interesting, but what with all the Shoebox, Foldapuz and now Browsercade to work on, I'm not exactly leaving myself with a whole lot of time to spend doing anything xmassy.

But it needs to be done, this year. I've put it off for too long.
Something big.
Something extravagant.

... or maybe just a shitty game with santa flying through the sky dropping presents. That's the usual Xmas game, right!?


; Game Over

The OUYA is dead.
The servers were closed on Tuesday, and already people on the OUYA Forum are wondering why things aren't working.
It's a shame to see it go, but realistically, the OUYA died a long long time ago.
Razer really didn't give a flying munky.


; What We Did

The monthly* thread of things that we did.
It doesn't matter if you did, or didn't do anything, it's still nice to hear from everyone.
Leave your month's achievements, or not, in the space provided!

*I keep forgetting to post this.
Some months, my Calendar will pop it up to remind me, and I'll dismiss it with a "I'll do that in a bit".
Unfortunately, dismissing things in Calendar means they don't then pop up again, to nag at you!!
I need to find a more nagging way to do reminders!


; 3D Facebook Photos

Francois Lionet has posted a link on Facebook*, to a lovely little set of apps that you can use to convert Side-By-Side stereoscopic photos into Facebook 3D Photos.
It's really quite a powerful set of tools, and even works with your 3DS photos.. (use the .MPO files)
But be aware that your 3DS photos are a bit low-res, though, so won't come out as nicely as they otherwise would, and tend to glitch a bit when you move them.

; Amos2

Meanwhile, Jay attempts to make use of AMOS2, and finds it to be quite unfinished at the moment.
Given time, I'm sure it'll be an amazing language, but right now it's not quite ready for making super-amazing games in.
Give it a month or two, and I'm sure Francois will have something amazing to show off.

* Which Jay then nabbed because Jay's an arsehole who steals everyone's links in a bid to pad out his weekly newsletter


; Nom vs Vom

Rockford's treats for the week include Strawberry, Watermelon, insane amounts of sugar, and.. Maybe sweetcorn?

; Sporty Games

SportsDirect buys Game..!?


; The C64

The C64 Mini team have released a nice little promo vid for their upcoming "The C64" which is..
Well, it's a C64!!


; Reading

View on YouTube

; Silence


; Standing


; Still Standing


; Paradise



; Noodles for Tea?

Or .. Tea for Noodles...!?

View on YouTube

; Voices

Mark Hamill attempts to do some impressions.


; Skynet

Dave looks at AI

View on YouTube

; Dead Mall

With bonus Bill and Ted reference

; Solar Car

Drive it to the sun!!!!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


(Beware The Bass!)

TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

This guy's doing a Sonic Funk Cover album!

View on YouTube


The album should be available in all good musicstreamysites, on the 28th.

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