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Created : 04 July 2019

#422 - Chocolate News

Weekly Newsletter

; Chocolate News

#422 - Friday 05th July, 2019

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; Hello World

I'm writing this on Wednesday night, so I can post it early on Thursday.
This is roughly the fourth week in a row that I've been doing this, and I'm slightly alarmed that I'm still writing "Friday" at the top of the newsletter.
The date is literally two days into the future, and yet, here I am, tappity tapping away and "Finishing off" another newsletter..

I seem to do this a lot.
Last week, me and Mum had an appointment in town, and ended up arriving about half an hour early, because I was worried in case there was too much traffic.

I hate being late. I've always hated being late, and I'll do anything I can to get there on time, or before.

Jay : He always comes early.


; Shhh...

Not much on the coding front to show off, this week.

Spinal's been busy hacking an old Dreamcast VMU, sticking a tiny R-Pi Zero inside it, along with a battery and a tiny little screen.
But hasn't posted about it to the forum!!

Jay's written 3 more games, this week. A Foldapuz puzzle, a Shoebox game, and a Petit Switch game.
But hasn't posted about them to the forum!!

Hobo's been banging on at the National Grid, trying to get a month's free electric.
But hasn't posted about it to the forum!!

Rychan's been driving around in VR on his PS4.
But hasn't posted about it to the forum!!!

Everyone's over on Twitter, nowadays.
I need something to draw people back.



... Who wants free lollypops?!!?!


; Creating a Keyboard

Spinal considers hacking a touchscreen apart, for the purposes of turning it into a tiny keyboard!
Jay suggests that a pre-made tiny bluetooth keyboard might be easier to hack, but I guess it depends on how tiny Spinal wants the keyboard to be.


; MOD Anthology

Tons and tons and tons of Mods, all archived at archive.org, in the form of a well catalogued CD collection.

; Heatwave

All the coders have curretnly melted.

; Mario Maker 2

Jay buys Mario Maker 2, but is actually quite disappointed that "All the new stuff" doesn't really amount to all that much.
There's a hidden "Super Mario Land Suit" that works a bit like the old Amiibo suits, in that the level stays the same but the music changes.
This is disappointing for 2 reasons.
1. It's not a proper MarioLand theme. FUCK SAKE..
2. Oh my god, what the hell in hell's hell of hells have they done to the music!?!


; The Booth

First teensy tiny teeny weeny bit of sneaky footage from the upcoming Bill and Ted revival.

; The Bug

The Starbug crew get stuck on a planet.
Who are they gonna call..?


; Japanese Munchies

Rockford continues to eat lots of random crazy food food Japan. Fish, Strawberries, and more giant wotsits than you can shake a giant wotsit at.

; English Oddities

Jay's first box of mystery foodstuffs arrives. Jay's opted for a British box, because .. *shrugs*


; Animal Sex

Horned Animals and their Horny Ways


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; Monorail!!


; Horse

Time to ride

; Piano Interlude


; Flying


; Yacht



; Top Ten Videogame Action Figures.

Most of these are American, though. I don't think you can get them over here.

View on YouTube

: Colouring In

; Scrooge McDuck

I never knew Scrooge McDuck existed outside of DuckTales!


; Old Men Conversing

Richard Herring is over fifty years old.
But this week's guest is WAY older!

View on YouTube

; Lands End to John O'Groat's

On the longest day of the year, Geoff and Vicki travelled the full length of the country.

; 90s CGI

Beyond the Mind's Eye
Fascinating to find that the guy who did the music for this is actually the guy who did the Miami Vice soundtrack!
Scan through his YouTube channel for .. allsorts!!

; Bad CGI

Doctor Who, and the attack of the dodgy CGI

Jpop Cover Corner

View on YouTube




TVCover Corner

View on YouTube
Still not comfortable with New Big Bird..

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


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Thursday, 04 July 2019, 06:26
Ahhh, it's not my PS4 Was over at a mates house, GT6 is great fun in VR mode!