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Created : 25 July 2019

#425 - Somebody That I News to Know

Weekly Newsletter

; Somebody that I News to Know

#425 - Friday 26th July, 2019

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Every Friday, Waffling, endlessly


; Hello Burning World

It's the hottest day on record.
It's so hot, I can barely type goodly, and have gone through three bottles of cordial in about a week!

The French government have had to shut down a couple of Nuclear Power Stations, for fear of them overheating.
And the arctic is currently on fire. That's literally how hot it is.
We've completely fucked up the planet.

Thankfully, our brand new Prime Minister should be able to save us..

Oh, fuck..

Welcome to the end of the world, folks!


With all the heat, all the coders have understably been avoiding the warm glow of a monitor.
It's all quiet on the coding front.

; Mouse Tracking

Spinal heads back to his "Wiggle to make it grow" utility, and adds movement tracking, so that you can tell how many miles your little cursor's moved.
I wonder if it discounts all the wiggling!?


; Kyoto Animation Studio Fire

Over in Japan, an exceptionally disgruntled employee has attacked the animation studio he worked for.
Heard shouting claims of "You stole it" and "You ripped me off", he set fire to the building, wounding many, and killing over 30 other employees.

; Picard Trailer

CBS revealed a trailer for the upcoming Star Trek Picard show, and then blocked the trailer from being viewed anywhere else in the world, because jesus fucking christ..
Amazon later reposted the trailer, since they're distributing the show worldwide, and they're not fucking arseholes about people being able to watch a god damned fucking trailer.


; NomNom--;

Rockford's been struggling to nom his leftover Japanese snacks, and for good reason.

; Meanwhile..

Jay continues to munch his way through his Degusta box.
Spoiler : Jay is now on the last item of the box, and it's a "Meal Making Kit", comprising of three little pods of ingredients that you add to Chicken and Potatoes, to make Peri Peri Chicken with Spicy Wedges.
Mmm.. Sounds lovely..
... But maybe not on the hottest day on record!!

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

I made another game on Petit Switch.

I made a new Shoebox Game.

I released the first test edition of Browsercade.

And I also made a new Foldapuz game but forgot to post about it.

..and I'm probably going to remake that game for Shoebox this week, because it's quite fun.
Oh, and I'm making a new Clusters of Hex for Petit Switch which I'll be releasing tonight.



; !!!

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; Simba


; Jurassic Park


; Musical Interlude


; Simpsons


; Journey


; Tap That App



; Training a Driver

What happens if you ty to teach an AI to play MarioKart?

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; Pick up the Phone

What happens if you stuck your phone number online?


; Why did the man cross the Wales?

To get to the other side!

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; Fibre Wires

Lighting the path to your sound

; AmigaChat


2000-Somethings Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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